October 2018

TypeCreatedTitle DailyOctober 31, 2018Harbinger's Echo & Corrupted Eggs, vague patch notes. DailyOctober 30, 2018Numbers in patch notes, Fusion Rifle Masterwork bug, Thousand Voices Damage WeeklyOctober 28, 201822nd - 26th October DailyOctober 26, 2018How PSN name changes will impact the games, Primeval Servitor spawns DailyOctober 25, 2018PSN Name Changes, Collections & random rolls, Masterworking armor DailyOctober 24, 2018Mercury Sparrows, communication, Triumphs when moving items. DailyOctober 23, 2018Where Mayhem is, Exotic Rewards, Crucible Pinnacle Weapons WeeklyOctober 22, 201815th - 19th October DailyOctober 18, 2018Swords, Polaris Lance masterwork, performance issues. DailyOctober 17, 2018Perfect Fifth issue, tether disappearing, Suros Regime, Titan load in cinematic. DailyOctober 16, 2018Trace Rifle Mastery, issues under investigation. DailyOctober 15, 2018Tomorrow's Patch Preview, Seed of Light bug. WeeklyOctober 14, 20188th - 12th October DailyOctober 12, 2018Collections, Veterans, Forsaken DLC deal. DailyOctober 11, 2018Knock-out system, Warden's Law bug, Gambit Scoreboards DailyOctober 9, 2018Investigating issues, communication, Y1 LL cap exotics. WeeklyOctober 7, 20181st - 5th October. DailyOctober 5, 2018Whisper damage, broken mobs, issues they're looking at. DailyOctober 4, 2018Date for the Weasel error fix, Whisper base damage, sneaking in. DailyOctober 2, 2018Luna and Broadsword quest clarification. DailyOctober 1, 2018Malfeasance boss spawn rate, Weasels, Wish Ender