This is a list of frequent questions I see the community ask the devs that have been addressed.


Q. Veteran Rewards for PC.

They've indeed heard the feedback concerning [moving from console to PC] of Veteran rewards - forwarded to the appropriate team to look at. (Reddit)

Cozmo also made the request to the team. (Reddit)

Q. Crossplay/Cross saves/account transfer.

They know that this is something the community wants. (Reddit) 2

They know this is a highly requested feature from the community, but don't have anything to announce. (Reddit)

Cross saves confirmed as of 6/6/2019


Crossplay is coming 2021.

Q. Why opt-in voice chat?

They’ve talked about the opt-in voice chat internally. They understand the desire for [automatic opt-in for voice chat, so that people could opt-out if they wanted] and they are still evaluating, but for now they’re sticking with the opt-in experience. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

It's a bit brute force, but keeping public voice chat off by default in Destiny I think was one of our most important decisions: draws in some players who wouldn't play otherwise, and pushes people toward forming their own social groups they can trust to play with

It doesn't solve the problem at the root, but I do believe it has had a very strong positive impact on how our players experience the game and how our community formed as a result. (Andrew W, Twitter)

Q. Will Silly Walk issues happen again?

They now have the ability to restrict access to weapons or items that cause problems in-game (New functionality since the Prometheus Lens incident). (Twitter) This is new tech they built based on previous issues like the Silly Walk incident. (Reddit)

Q. On porting over models. A lot more here.

Q. I think there’s an assumption from ppl that anything in d1 is easily put into d2, is this true? Do you have to start from scratch or is it easy to port over?

No, everything from D1 would have to be run through the whole process again. The engine has been updated to be PBR so all gear and assets have to be run through a whole new texturing process. (Twitter)

Q. Is there some things easier to port in? We definitely see familiar D1 assets here and there from armor to environment. Does it just take too long to import many old assets at once or are these similar things just made from scratch again?

Yeah a older asset might take 2 weeks to update for D2 and a new asset might take 3-4 weeks to do so we try to evaluate and figure out what the fans would like more a new asset they have never seen or 1-2 old asset because you can't do both. (Twitter)

Q. Doesn’t D1 and D2 run on the same engine, tiger, Blam, or whatever you want to call it. Isn’t it as simple as importing assets since it’s the same engine? Or has it been vastly retooled and upgraded from D1?

Yeah it's the tiger engine that Bungie created but we are constantly improving the engine and adjust things to fit our workflow better. You can import old assets but half the textures/shaders won't work correctly and would need to be updated. (Twitter)

Ah, is that because metals and texture shaders have been updated for D2? Physical based rendering, since I notice metals look more realistic in D2.

Correct. (Twitter)

Q. What do the community managers do? What's happening?

  • The devs are doing the work, CMs are giving players a chance to share their ideas. (Cozmo, Reddit)
  • Deej is kicking ass behind the scenes to enable Cozmo and DMG to be more active. (DMG, Reddit)
  • The CMs lead the way, but the whole company contributes facts, commentary or art to help us arrive at the right message. (Deej, Twitter)
  • They’ll never fault anyone for being angry about something with the game as long as they are civil (Cozmo, Reddit)
  • When Deej tweets “What else has you curious?” the answers help him take a census and plan the next round of dev commentary. It’s not an AMA. (Deej, Twitter)
  • The CM’s can’t make unilateral changes to the game so they’re not going to reply stating something will be changed until it’s been confirmed.
  • A lot of stakeholders need to review information Bungie puts out about changes to the game. (Cozmo, Reddit)
    • Stakeholders = “people who make the stuff”. Got to make sure the CMs get everything accurate. (Cozmo, Reddit)
  • Regarding “dodging questions” and the need for less vague answers:

“I know you want answers, and you shall have them. Our community is diverse enough to also include curious people who want to know more about how games are made and we would like to serve them, too. For us, it’s not about dodging a question. The answers can exist in the raw space where creation is still happening. Sometimes, the best we can do is to state our goals or priorities for the work that is happening. Waiting until we can make exact promises stifles communication.” (Deej, Twitter)

  • On giving feedback: "Everyone who plays our game has the right to give their opinions. We just ask you do so in a respectful manner and don't attack or insult anyone in the process. You don't have to be a developer to give feedback on whether something is fun or exciting to play." (Forums)
  • On when DMG visits/lurks Reddit: "It honestly depends. I check the forums, reddit, twitter, etc every single day. But on weeks like this one, where Faction Rallies goes live for the first time after an overhaul to the experience, Reddit is one of the first things I check in the morning. "Did they find another Weep???"" (Reddit)
  • On feedback collecting:

The Destiny Community is comprised of numerous players with various backgrounds.

When we collect feedback, we take it from, [Reddit], twitter, youtube, etc.

There is no singular source of feedback [for example, YouTubers] that we focus on. We also pair feedback with data that we collect on the backend, or information that we can gather from playtests. (Reddit)

  • On communicating changes:

We had to challenge our thinking when approaching topics like [communcation]

A year ago, we were pretty gun shy on talking about incoming changes, in that sometimes things don't pan out. Test could uncover a nasty bug from a proposed fix, or we could find that the fix could negatively impact an entire economy or sandbox system. We could even have other issues pop up with higher priority, pushing a bug or QOL fix out of scope for a release.

Moving forward, goal is to let you know more often about what's being worked on. We'll take the heat if a fix falls through, something gets delayed, or if an issue becomes an everlasting help article on with a workaround. (Reddit)

  • On claims that "Bungie tries to sneak something in (like a nerf to a weapon) and then claim it's a bug when they get caught":

One of our goals on the community team is to fix this sentiment.

We do not wish to slip in changes without informing the community. We don't look to spin intentional changes as bugs. Sometimes we miss patch notes, which isn't acceptable, and sometimes bugs are indeed shipped that have a negative impact on aspects of the game.

We're working with the dev team to strengthen the process and make sure we don't miss important changes. (Reddit)

Some devs aren't really in a position where they can talk freely about something. (for example, if work is still in-progress, or if the status of some feature requires coallating information from a wide variety of teams to correctly express it and they know that they're only seeing a small piece of the puzzle and thus feel like it might be imprudent to talk), or there might be an ocean of other concerns that they have to address which puts something on a shelf that otherwise would be important - but folks like DeeJ and Dylan help to compile all that info and try their best to make your voices heard amidst all of the competing concerns and deadlines. (Reddit)

The collating of data - is often something that makes talking publicly difficult, and why people like DeeJ and Dylan are around. I can blab on all day about the API, because in the end I am the sole creator and maintainer of the vast majority of it - which means I can talk a bit more authoritatively about what's happening on the API side. But on the game side, things get really fuzzy: there may be dozens - even hundreds - of people collaborating on a single feature, and everyone's working on a small but important part. And when you're one of those dozens/hundreds of people, you're in a situation where it might be difficult to talk about the specific status/choices being made/etc... in other parts of the feature, at least authoritatively. (Reddit)

A lot of the hard work that DeeJ, Dylan, and Cozmo try to do is get the full story by collating and talking with the various teams and the leads of those teams and trying to give information in a more digestible form. Trying to pry out the info without pulling a bunch of people off of their important and ongoing work in order to do so. It's a tough job, particularly when there's so many teams working on so many features at the same time. (Reddit)

Imagine a younger Joe. Bright faced, full of ambition, ideas, Dr. Pepper. I was working in test at the time. The Lead gameplay designer for combat on ESO took time out of his schedule to meet with me to talk about the core combat in the game.
I HAD a lot of feedback. And a lot of ideas. I did my homework and made sure that my ideas and criticisms were backed up with some pretty solid logic. So when I presented them, I said a lot of things like "THIS IS GOOD BECAUSE X" or "THIS SUCKS BECAUSE X."
He told me to never assume that people agreed with me. And never assume that because people didn't agree with me, that they were wrong.
He was not trying to put me in my place. He was trying to help me ideas and feedback get heard. When I say something like "This is bad because X." My audience can just immediately shut down and think, nope, I disagree with that, I like it.
By simply rephrasing things to "I think, I feel, I believe." You are no longer telling someone something they might already know or disagree with, you are just adding your perspective.
Now your audience is hungry, instead of shutting down, their brain starts spinning. "Are they right?" "Why do they feel that way?" "Is this more important than I thought it was?"

Q. Why does it take a month to fix things?

Fixes take time. We'd love to address things immediately, but we have to test. Imagine a world where the proposed fix that's currently under investigation was rushed into an earlier release, only to further reduce chances of the boss, or cause crashes of the game all together.

Gotta make sure our test teams have ample time to check all angles, and verify things are solid. (Twitter)

Sometimes test and design resources get allocated to fixing higher priority issues that could have prevented content from shipping. Such as game crashes, FPS drops, interact prompts having issues, stuff like that.  (DMG, Reddit)

Q. Why the wait on acknowledging issues?

They like to determine the root cause of issues so they don't compound people with misinformation, hence the wait on acknowledging issues. (Twitter)

With issues like [The trials erroneous loss bug) we don't broadcast that we're aware of it immediately when it's discovered. Try to avoid spreading the issue, while working on things internally to identify a fix and potential deployment window for it.” (DMG, Reddit)

Q. Will Destiny have feature X?

“Answering questions like "will Destiny ever have FeatureX" feels like a trap because I have no idea what we might decide in the future; what I strongly feel today might be proven wrong tomorrow. (For instance: I wanted to cut emotes from the game before Destiny 1 launched because I thought no one would care and thought we should spend those resources elsewhere... oh man was I wrong.) Plus, while I might feel a certain way about something, if the game director feels a feature is important to the franchise I might be overruled. (Probably for good reason.)

Speaking about personal opinions is also risky, because no matter how much I say it is a personal opinion then folks will assume it is official. I try to be really careful about not making promises or saying things that I can't personally verify are true, so I generally only talk about things I've actually worked on myself." (Daniel, Reddit)

Q. What's up with MOTW choosing process?

MOTW was created to celebrate moments from the community. This ranges from silliness in the crucible, to insane montages including sleek editing and custom created audio. Ultimately, we sort through community submissions and pick the ones we want to highlight.  That said, feedback taken. (Twitter)

We actually had some discussion about the Community Artist emblem that followed the same sort of feel - in-game screenshots felt to devalue the emblem to those creating physical art or even Cosplay. We want these to be accessible to any contribution that goes with the theme.

We could totally look for more videos - we don't need to restrict MOTW to two submissions. We can also be more conscious of videos recently posted with tons of effort and time. Either way, feedback is always appreciated :) (Twitter)

Q. When can we grab bounties from the companion app?

There's a few challenges - both technical and design challenges - that could impede/prevent us from doing it. But we've been thinking similarly, and will be continuing to discuss it! (Reddit)

Q. What's the deal with redacted items in the apps?

  • The API wasn't built originally with the thought in mind that there'd have to be redaction happening (for example, classified items like the Whisper), making it so that an item becomes automatically unredacted after someone gets a secret item is tricky. Edgar has some ideas for how he'd change it to make updates more automatic, but it would require all of the folks who use it (both Bungie apps and 3rd party apps) to either switch to it or be broken. As such, they're flying with what they've got until we get the opportunity to make a larger change to the API. (Reddit)
    • To be determined when this change will actually happen. (Reddit)
    • They added that capability pretty early on in D1, so that they didn't ruin things that they considered to be truly fun surprises. They try to minimize the number of things that they redact, but every once in a while they'll use it if something like WotW comes along that's much more fun as a real secret. (Reddit)
    • A lot more here.
    • Keeping secret items secret in the API is tricky, more here. and here. and here

Q. Why doesn't Bungie post warnings and notices in game instead of just on Twitter?

We've been passing this feedback along. Here's a bit more insight as to why we can't throw the messages out too quicky in-game:

Currently, there's a process - write up the messaging, get it hooked up to Destiny 2, have our LOC team translate the message, test all messages to ensure they're sound, then deploy.

There are ways in which this can break. One of these messages ended up causing Weasel error codes for an entire region, so we can't rush them out too quickly. We have teams investigating this system to make improvements, which in turn will give us better options for in-game messaging in the future. No ETA on when to expect that, but I want to ensure you all know that this feedback is indeed heard, and something we're aiming to have in the future. (Reddit)

Q. Why not put features of the companion apps (such as, item manager) in the actual game?

A lot of features of the apps (like item manager apps) would be a great idea to have in game, but the biggest issue they run into is time and effort to implement those features in-game and the benefits they'd give players vs. the time and effort needed for other features and work that are needed, and the benefits they give. Ultimately there's a limited amount of time and people that can work on the game, and figuring out what has to be done first is often a difficult thing that has to account for several factors. (A lot more here)

They understand the frustrations of essential features not being available in the game. "The folks working on the "core" game experience are in a hard spot: they've got a limited amount of time and resources to work on new content and features as well as to improve existing experiences, and by the nature of having to work in the much more resource-constrained environment of the game itself (and an environment where everything has to be highly polished, have high-quality art, etc...) and having to make sure that it works properly on every platform and doesn't break other existing features, every feature they make is way more expensive and time consuming to produce than it is to make it downstream on the API side. They end up having to make tough choices about what to make, what to delay, and what to cut... and that's a really tough judgment call." (Even more here)

There is a whole ocean of concerns when it comes to putting addons into a game. They would love to see it, but it's a complex and risky thing. (Reddit)


Q. Where is SRL?


It's always a mix of feedback when SRL is brought up. Some people loved it, others didn't like, some didn't mind it but want us to focus on other things. Feel free to share what you think below. I bring SRL up to the team regularly so fresh feedback is always great. (Forums)

SRL is an interesting one. I see people ask for it consistently, but also see others say they didn't like it and don't want us to spend time bringing it back. Personally I was never very good at it, but I did enjoy it. DeeJ loved it and it's the one thing in Destiny he could beat me at. ;) (Reddit)

Q. Why no sparrows on Mercury?

We actually looked into this back before Warmind. It was during a risky time where the product was closing out, and it actually created an issue where the game would crash.

As we were close to deadlines, the change had to be backed out. We’ve been focusing on quality of life topics and such for future updates, so I’ll make sure to bring this up again.

In terms of known issues, the Player Support team is looking at ways to improve communication [on Reddit], working with the team on this as well. No ETA, but they are dedicated to having the list easier to find, and easier to parse.

Can't say [when/if players can expect to use Sparrows on Mercury] All lands on what the changes are that we want to strive for, what time/resources we have, etc.  (Reddit)

Q. Why aren't Heavy Machine Guns in Destiny LMGs?

Because Josh named them. He chose the name, and he does know the difference between HMG's and LMG's.

I felt like guardians would be able to carry the big ones with their powers. They were already "Heavy" Weapons, so it felt right. Because Heavy helps sell the power fantasy more. Alternate universe. Maybe more reasons at the time but it was a long time ago. (Twitter)

Q. What was the design choice on removing the ability to switch elemental mods on energy/power weapons? I really like being able to switch around as well as other people but since we can't do that anymore with Forsaken, what was the thought process?

Sure! We had to recycle the mod slot for use with the new mods. Then the element type, now homeless, had to be moved back from a configurable mod slot to a locked intrinsic perk. Energy weapons have to be typed and there wasn’t a way to set it up correctly otherwise. (Twitter)

Q. Ah okay. Would switching elements still be possible if it was able to be set up correctly or was this already a locked in design choice: Make the ep shotgun *insert elemental type*

There’s no good way to do it for now / foreseeable future. (Twitter)

Q. Are there plans to bring element switching back later on?

Doubtful. Tech limitation. (Twitter)


Q. Ranked Matchmaking.

It is noted that people want ranked based matchmaking. Nothing to talk about yet but the team is well aware of the desires. (Twitter)

Q. What is Crucible Labs?

Crucible Labs is a PvP jam. As a bonus playlist, it offers great potential for testing new modes & rule tweaks. Also, PvP is in a position to take maximum advantage of it. While sandbox would love to also take advantage, we currently have two things holding us back 
1. Time. All of SBX is currently heads down & tied up with major work (results coming soon!).
2. Tech. With some clever tricks, we may be able to simulate certain changes, but most SBX changes can’t be made without affecting the entire game (beyond the bounds of Crucible Labs).
If there are many questions remaining this might be something I can talk more about on a TWAB
."  (Twitter)

  • As a rule, Crucible Labs will not touch sandbox balance. (see above). But, who knows what the future holds. (Twitter) 2
    • Complaints about SBX are still legit and heard by people at Bungie. They will try to make it more clear what Labs is looking for, but in the end, it’s about what players want. (Twitter)
  • Crucible Labs is about bringing us in early, and giving us a chance to let Bungie know what we think BEFORE they ship it. (Twitter)
  • They didn’t add extrinsic (emblems, etc) rewards to Labs this last to keep the focus on the gametype. (Twitter)
  • Having new versions of current gear implemented as test weapons/armor that can only be equipped in Labs is a cool idea, but it's expensive. "I'm not asking SBX team for custom Labs stuff, since I'd rather get better stuff for everybody down the road." (Twitter)

Q. Why not ban certain weapons/discourage duplication in Crucible?

In general I don’t want to ban anything. The game is the game to me. If you want to be the best at the game then you gotta play the game as it is. If something is truly busted we will fix it. I could see restricting duplication on subclass/weapons being interesting. Creates the concept of a team composition." (Twitter) (Twitter broke the full source)

Q. Is SBMM on in Quickplay?

No. (Twitter)

Q. What is happening with Trials?

The team is still working on a plan to restore Trials experience in a way that lives up to your expectations. Cozmo will share more information with you as soon as they have it. (Reddit)  Feedback on having OG Trials return has been passed along. (Forums)

Q. Where is the banhammer?

Our Game Security Team issues an escalating series of enforcement actions twenty four hours per day, and we also issue some enforcement actions in big waves. We don't announce our enforcement actions because it gives cheaters information on how our detection works.

Since November 1st, we’ve issued enforcement actions to 1,120 players for violating our terms of service, including cheat programs, network manipulation, and DDoS. Our Game Security Team is always updating our monitoring tools to detect ever-changing attacks, and a human verifies every punishment before it is issued.

As always, if you believe to have encountered someone cheating, please use this contact form to report suspects accordingly. (Forums)

Please note: the post was posted November 10th.

More on DDOS-ing reports: (Forums)

... We don't allow accusations that include player names to be posted publicly here on the forums because it leads to witch hunting, but you can report suspected cheaters using this form.

We do issue bans and restrictions for a wide array of cheating including modification or interruption of Destiny 2 network traffic with intent to disrupt the experience of other players or to gain an advantage in the game.

For more information on what constitutes cheating and how bans and restrictions work, you can visit our Restrictions and Banning Policies article.

On aimbots in the Crucible:

Hey all,

Our Game Security Team is always updating our monitoring tools in response to ever-changing attacks. We recently had a wave of bans and restrictions that targeted players using aimbots, and more punishments are incoming as soon as we double-check our results.

If you believe you have encountered a player who was breaking the Code of Conduct or license agreement, please report suspected cheating in-game. If you have additional evidence, such as a youtube video, you can submit it here:

Additionally, here’s a quick link to the restriction/banning policies article:

Q. I want to see some Destiny PVP Power Curves graphs.


Q. Can you reward players who stay in Competitive matches when teammates have left?

Any sort of dampeners or freebies can and will be exploited. However feedback on quitters is noted. (Twitter)

Q. Why not let players opt-out of Glory rank movements?

Letting us opt-out of Glory rank movements is not something they are looking into right now. If they did that it would create a bad social situation where players aren't trying as hard as others. It distorts the worth of the Glory rank, as well as creates potential toxicity against players who "aren't trying". (Twitter)

Q. Why no 3x Glory Rank Weekends?

Glory is your skill rank, which means for it to mean anything earning it must be consistent and fair for everyone. (more here) (Twitter)

Having players earn Glory from a weekend event muddies the water of who earned it by skill vs event. We are going to maintain the integrity of Glory moving forward so players can use it to talk about "how skilled they are". " (Twitter)