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People of interest:

Cozmo, Deej, DMG = CMs aka community managers.

Josh H = Josh Hamrick, Sandbox Design Lead.

Chris B = Christopher Barrett, Game Director.

Joe B = Joe Blackburn, Destiny Raid Team Lead

Daniel = Economy designer/Reward Designer

Kevin Y = Kevin Yanes, Senior PVP designer

Steve - Social Design lead

Hal = Sr UX designer.

Stosh = Blame Stosh

This Week At Dev/CM Social Media (30th of April - 5 of May)

  • Regarding why raid rewards are now class based/weekly raid loadouts:

“An issue was found in update 120 that would essentially help players to max power in a matter of days. I’ll be checking with the team tomorrow to see if this is a short term change.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • They found the raid loot exploit pretty late, and didn’t have time to build a more robust answer to the problem. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Weapons are 5% drop chance from killing the final EP boss. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • On the logic behind Warmind’s weapon rewards/PL climb system:

“I wanted to build the weapon rewards as something you could chase without limit during the week, but if we made them power upgrades that would give you (in theory) a source of unlimited upgrades. In an effort to address some of "we're hitting the cap too fast, and gaining power doesn't matter" feedback, we wanted to slow down progression so you could feel the impact of climbing the power ladder. Putting in sources that let you grind out unlimited upgrades a week means some players might get really lucky, and find themselves gaining huge power spikes, while other players didn't. That's one of the experiences that we've heard players don't like, so we opted to remove the power upgrades from these drops in favor of making them farmable.

On weeks the boss only drops one of the weapons that's less relevant, but on weeks where the boss can drop all three I think players will want to farm for their missing guns and this gives them a route to do that. Having a three prong attack on the reward system let us create multiple different reward channels that should give players different ways to pursue loot from the activity. I think it feels pretty good in action, but I'll be listening to how folks feel about it once it is in the wild to inform future designs for sure.” (Daniel, Reddit)

  • The armor drops at Powerful Rewards tier loot. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • If you wander in and someone is on the final [EP] wave boss, definitely run over and help. You could totally get a weapon drop. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • You can’t start charging another [EP chest] key until you have finished the first. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • You can get legendary engrams and rares (aka gunsmith parts) out of the chests, but the main incentive on the chests is the vanity items. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Once you’ve completed the full set of armor, subsequent opens of the chest just award a random piece. You can also get vanity items from the final boss chest. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • If players hypothetically get the full set in those first 5 weeks, during week 6 they're not guaranteed to get the Class Item, it will be a random piece. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • EP armor will not have unique perks. Couldn’t get it done in time. (Daniel, Reddit)

    • Never is a scary word, but there aren’t any plans to go back and add unique perks to the EP armor, as those who worked on that are needed on other things now. (Daniel, Reddit)

    • Clarified that he’s talking about EP armor, not in position to speak for the armor team about their plans for the broader armor economy.

  • The original plan was a 50 slot increase, and then someone was like “I got it up to a 100.” (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • 1.2.0 patch notes are planned to go live 10AM Pacific on Tuesday 8th of May, Warmind is planned to go live 11am on Tuesday 8th of May. (Damage, Twitter)

  • They are interested in promoting the LFG features of the app in-game, like they promote Trials and IB being live. (Halcylon, Reddit)

    • Stosh confirms that they are working on promoting the LFG features of the app to the top level. Will be a tab again. (Stosh, Reddit)


    • Players may earn one Prismatic Facet per week, per account. These stack up to three. If you don't see items you're interested in, you can save your activation for a future week. (DMG, Twitter)

    • Acquiring items through Bright Engrams or Bright Dust purchases also knock items off of the Prismatic Matrix list. If you own a featured item on a given week, it will be grayed out, and your chances for other featured items will be increased when activating the Prismatic Matrix. (DMG, Twitter)

    • You can stack your free facet activations up to 3. Let's say you don't want anything on a given week. You can save the activation till the next week, then get two items via facets if you want to spend them. (DMG, Twitter)

    • You get one free facet per week. You may stack up to three facets. Ex: On a given week, you earn your facet, but you don't see any items of interest in the Prismatic Matrix. You're able to save that facet for the next week (or whenever you wish to use it). (DMG, Reddit)

    • If you get a ship/sparrow from an engram but delete it for space, it'll be grayed out. If you're looking to acquire duplicates, they'll have to come from a Bright Engram or Bright Dust Purchase. (DMG, Twitter) 2

    • If you own all of the featured items for a week, you won’t be able to activate the facet. You'll have to wait till the list is refreshed with something you don't own. (DMG, Twitter)

    • One facet per account, per week, granted on the first rank up via XP. (DMG, Reddit)

    • Bright Engrams still pull from the entire loot pool, not just the items available at the moment through the prismatic matrix. (Dylan MG, Reddit)

    • Items earned from Bright Engrams or Bright Dust will also knock out items on the Prismatic Matrix list. Let's say a few weeks down the line you have a facet to spend. You've gotten 4 of the featured items via Bright Engrams. You now have a 1/6 chance for one of the items in the Prismatic Matrix. There may be opportunities where you've gotten 9 of the 10 featured items for a given week through bright engrams, so your facet is guaranteed to get the last item featured. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The EP weapons are a level 7 drop as well, they fall out of the boss when he dies (assuming you’re lucky enough to get one) (Daniel, Twitter)

  • There is one EP armor set, and it comes from a chest you can open after you beat the wave7 boss (assuming you have a key for it) - which boss doesn't matter. (Daniel, Twitter)

  • Tokens can get you to 340 but then you're gonna want to do milestones/raids/etc to climb from 340 to 380. (Daniel, Twitter)

  • They are aware of the PC 6v6 fly-in bug and are investigating. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • 3oC doesn't impact the drop rate of the Nightfall unique rewards. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Requests to add veteran dialogue to PC have been heard. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Wardcliff, Mida, and Merciless will get MW tuning but not have base changes. Sunshot and Sweet Business are getting base changes and MWs. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Daniel explains duplicates and boss specific weapons. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • About allowing infusion cross-classes like in D1:

I wouldn’t say it is totally off the table, but I think “run one character to max out all three classes” isn’t a super compelling experience (or particularly rewarding feeling one) which is the reason this change happened in the first place. The goal was to make it feel like more of an accomplishment to hit max on all three than it was in Destiny 1. (I say that as someone that definitely ran raids on my Hunter to gear up my other, inferior classes)

Curious if players that play on multiple characters feel like they have more to do and if it feels like more of an accomplishment to max all three (especially after the progression changes in Warmind) and such though. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Re: EP armor drops: you get one armor piece a week per character. (Daniel, Reddit)

    • You also need to clear the whole thing for your armor piece. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Daniel talks about leveling -> (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Raid Lair release date will be revealed on Thursday. (DMG, Twitter)

  • Cozmo will pass along feedback about bringing Armsday to D2. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They’ll give us the info about Warmind download sizes on Thursday. (DMG, Tevinter)

  • You only need to own the exotic to get a Catalyst to drop. Once you find the catalyst, there will be objectives that you have to complete using the weapon. (DMG, Twitter)

  • Art leads have been discussing player concerns regarding Destiny’s armor/gear aesthetic design. (Chris B, Reddit)

  • Daniel talks about solo players, casual players, and how changes are made with them in mind.  (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Warmind’s vault space increase is 50 slots. Gear collections are being worked on for September. (Cozmo, Reddit)

    • 100 slots, as a short term solution. (TWAB)

  • Regarding “dodging questions” and the need for less vague answers:

“I know you want answers, and you shall have them. Our community is diverse enough to also include curious people who want to know more about how games are made and we would like to serve them, too.

For us, it’s not about dodging a question. The answers can exist in the raw space where creation is still happening. Sometimes, the best we can do is to state our goals or priorities for the work that is happening. Waiting until we can make exact promises stifles communication.” (Deej, Twitter)

This Week At Dev/CM Social Media (23rd of April - 30th April)

  • They have plans to officially release MoTS in the near future. They’ll have more details for you soon. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • On which, if any, of our tokens/items will be removed at the beginning of Season 3.

    • Iron Banner Tokens will not be reset.

    • Planetary Tokens/Materials will not be reset

    • Faction Rallies tokens should not be reset ([DMG’s] waiting on an answer here)

    • Vanguard and Crucible tokens should not be reset ([DMG’s] Waiting for full confirmation)

    • Raid Tokens will not be reset (DMG, Reddit)

  • On why they can’t put Trials on a hiatus for a season to “fix it”:

“Trophy/Achievement is tied to it, can’t remove availability. Tons of feedback has been collected. Once we have changes to talk about, we’ll gladly get the conversation rolling. Trials improvements are definitely on our radar, and we hope to bring that hype back.”  (DMG, Twitter)

  • They don't dive deep into details on security measures.The most they will say is that they're improving their system, and they'll be watching for bad actors. Play fair, and you'll be fine! (DMG, Reddit)

  • Regarding why they haven’t talked about Seasonal Vendor Progression:

It's coming in Season 3. Crucible Ranks are a form of seasonal vendor progression, earning different ranks to get different reward packages and tiers.

For Vanguard, I'll see if we can get you some info in the next week, at least before 1.2.0 goes live, so you know what to expect.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • Deej added the “No one cares what he has to say” during editorial process. DMG kept it because it was hilarious. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Nothing at the moment on Clarion Call’s return. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Control was the most popular IB mode, not just 6v6. (DMG, Reddit)

  • You just need to own the exotic to get a catalyst to drop. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Once Season 3 begins (after you download Update 1.2.0), you'll be able to inspect your existing exotics to see which ones have hints on where to earn catalysts for the Masterwork socket. If there isn't a Masterwork socket, it's not yet available. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The Crucible team will be monitoring feedback - expect Control for the next few Iron Banners, but things could change. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Feedback that Titan shoulders are a bit too big and that players want more variation has been passed to the team. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Will make sure that they have a bug logged on the Hunter dodge bug (the animation not procing) and that it gets investigated. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Suggestion to add toggle aim (and more accessibility settings) has been forwarded to the team. (Cozmo, Reddit)

    • Also added a request for a separate sensitivity slider. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • The damage from the overcharged bullet applies to both body shots and headshots. But you need the precision shot to 2 tap at full health. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • Sturm/Drang buff is not timed. You can go around getting a bunch of kills with Drang and load up several overcharged shots in Sturm. Just don’t die, or miss. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • The competitive playlist is SBMM. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • The emote kiosk is gone with the May 8th update. You’ll carry your emote collection with you at all times. (Steve, Twitter)

  • Top emote appears in the Trials intro. (Steve, Twitter)

  • You won’t be able to sit/wave/dance as another class. For example, Warlocks can’t sit like a Hunter. (Steve, Twitter)

  • Teams vs Randoms issue is being addressed in May 8th update. More details in a TWAB coming soon. Backing out of matches repeatedly is not going to help matchmaking find you good games. (Derek C, Twitter)

  • Kevin Clarifies:

Just wanted to clarify how players receive Redrix's Claymore:

Players must reach "Fabled" in Glory rank to be able to earn the weapon from Shaxx.

The ornament for this weapon is earned by reaching "Legend" in Glory ranks. Reaching Fabled is akin to completing ~40% of the rank. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

Once players hit Fabled and get their Claymore, the rank points required to level up spike exponentially. A bulk of the remaining ~60% of rank points is going to be on reaching Mythic and Legend. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

We did this so players who just wanted Claymore had a realistic way to achieve that without making Destiny their day job. We also wanted to give our most hardcore players something to chase beyond that. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

To clarify the Glory weekly bonus/decay. For those in Guardian, Brave, Heroic, & Fabled: - Each week players will be granted BONUS Rank Points for completing matches in the previous week. Caps out at three matches.

For those in Mythic and Legend: - Each week players will be hit with a decay. - Players can reduce or remove this decay by completing matches in the previous week. - This also caps out at three matches as three matches will remove the decay for the week.

There is no cap on Rank points earned and lost per week from wins/losses. The weekly bonuses/decay are only additive.

  • Rumble contributes to Valor rank but requires a first place finish to earn Win Streak. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Amount of points for glory you get per competitive win depends on your level and win streak. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Glory only comes from Competitive. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Generally competitive modes are selected because they reinforce a type of team skill. When they add more modes they will fit in to that paradigm. For example if they decided they wanted some form of Control in there they’d try to find a variant that asks more of a player than just kill. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Competitive is the only path for Redrix’s Claymore in S3. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • There will be a few more weapons aside from the weapon for glory Crucible, but Claymore is the unique seasonal gun. Other guns will be akin to normal legendaries. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Redrix is a guaranteed reward for reaching Fabled. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Fabled rank is about 40% in comparison to starting/max. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Once players hit Mythic and Legend they will need to finish 3 matches a week to avoid a weekly Rank Points decay. Weekly Decay does NOT apply to the lower ranks. Make sure to get your games in because after Season 3 ends Redrix’s Claymore will not be available to earn. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Claymore’s resemblance to previous D1 weapons is intentional. They chose a frame that die hard PVPers had fond memories of. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Progression n Ranked PVP is account based. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Nothing to announce about making rumble a permanent playlist with its own ranking system as of now, but the feedback is heard. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Trials of The Nine and Iron Banner do not feature any ranks as they are experiences separate from the Crucible with their own investment games. Additionally to maintain the integrity of Glory ranks it’s only going to be featured in one playlist. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • No leaderboards because they didn’t want players to massively cheat like they have in some previous Bungie games. However they’re open to the feedback as always and are going to be improving ranks as they go on. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

    • Will make sure that the feedback about players wanting leaderboards is shared. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • First Redrix’s Claymore is available only as a Glory Rank reward for reaching Fabled. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Valor & Glory feature these levels: (Kevin Y, Twitter)

    • Guardian

    • Brave

    • Heroic

    • Fabled

    • Mythic

    • Legend

  • More on Riskrunner: The weapon is already very good in PvE so we didn't make specific changes for that. The 50% Arc damage resistance is a buff to the base behavior, so that will make it better everywhere. (Jon W, Twitter)

  • Mars is bigger than Mercury. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Tractor Cannon definitely still boops. (Cozmo, Forums)


  • It’s really hard to predict how long it would take before implementing a scaling back of the grind in case it gets too rough. A lot of factors are at play. Where are they in the patch cycle, what people can they take off of what they're doing to make the change, how dire is the problem, etc, etc (Daniel. Twitter)

  • They’ll be looking into progression rates when Warmind drops. Hitting the sweet spot is tough. (Daniel. Twitter)

  • They are definitely looking at ways to improve trials in the future. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They know that the community wants to see more boss fights in raids in the future. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Feedback to move the “On The Comms” and “Rat King” quest steps to the consumables tab is something that the team has heard, and it’s actively being worked on. (DMG, Reddit)


This Week At Dev/CM Social Media (16th of April - 20th)

  • Feedback has been passed along that people would like to see 6v6 as a permanent mode. (Cozmo, Forums)

  • Tess selling Legs of Optimacy (S1 item) is a bug and not intended. There was an issue with a server setting and it defaulted to Season 1. They’re currently investigating. (Cozmo, Reddit)

    • Fixed.

  • Spawn locations are generally mode-agnostic; they're based more on the map layout. The player spawn policy that determines which locations to use is gametype-specific. (We may do a deeper explanation on  someday if there's interest.) (Derek C, Twitter)

  • ·Regarding wishes for a single player “raid” (such as Maelstrom Arena in ESO):

I love the idea. This isn't the first time someone has brought it up. Obviously, it can't be fully like a Raid that requires multiple mechanics to be performed at the same time. But I will absolutely pass along feedback about possibly adding difficult activities with interesting mechanics like Raids that are still possible to do solo.”  Cozmo, Forums)

  • They’ll keep an eye on the NF rewards drop rate conversation. They want rewards to feel like they are worth the time invested in obtaining them. (Cozmo, Forums)

  • We’ll possibly get a preview of the Heroic Strike Modifiers in an upcoming TWAB. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Joe Blackburn provides some insight on raid token system.

This Week At Dev/CM Social Media (9th of April - 14th)

  • Suggestion to make the Your Light Is Fading mechanic better has been passed along to the raid team. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • “Signs point to yes” to Bungie letting us see reputation levels in game. (Chris B, Twitter)

  • Cozmo will let the devs know that players also want the bonus damage and damage reduction players would get in D1 for being over leveled. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Bungie hasn’t forgotten about Doubles. (DMG, Reddit)

  • No matchmaking for Trials confirmed. You are matchmade against your opponents in Trials of the Nine. A full fireteam is still required to initiate matchmaking. (DMG, Reddit)

  • We’ll see a preview of the new and improved Graviton Lance Soon™ (DMG, Reddit)

  • Cozmo will make sure that a bug is open to investigate the melee hit registration issue. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Creating a powerful and exciting feel in PVE, and ensuring PVP balancing doesn’t stomp the fun is something the team is looking to do moving forward. (DMG, Forums)

  • They’ll take a look at Skullfort’s health regen no longer proc-ing. (Cozmo, Reddit) There was no bug

  • Will let the team know people would like to see Bannerfall and Rusted Lands reprised at some point. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Their goal is to have Iron Banner return as soon as next week. They'll get you more info when they have it. (DMG, Twitter)

  • The rapid reloading bug is a known issue, and the sandbox team is actively investigating. (DMG, Forums)

  • Acrius won’t be getting a nerf with the next pass. Seeing as how many exotics are getting buffed in 1.2.0, it will become a choice. “Do I run Graviton Lance so I have an amazing Energy weapon at the ready? Or do I dedicate my equipped exotic to the Power weapon slot? (which doesn’t have ammo on spawn) (DMG, Reddit)

  • The Tower blackscreen issue was a very difficult issue to identify and fix. a Lore Scannable was duplicating in the Tower when transitioning between the Courtyard and the Hangar, eating up memory. (DMG, Reddit)

    • The Lore scannable was Ana Bray’s log. (Lemming, Reddit)

    • The Speaker’s quarters book was moved for good measure as well due to concerns that it could lead to similar bad behaviours. (Lemming, Reddit)

  • “There will still be some rough spawns on specific maps [in Rumble]. Dead Cliffs as an example. Crucible Team is working on more spawn changes for the future, this was a short term mitigation that we could release quickly.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • They have a fix for the black screen at Tower issue coming on Tuesday 4/10. (Cozmo, Forums)

This Week At Dev/CM Social Media (2nd of April - 8th of April)

  • Regarding the summit. “Why was/wasn’t that person invited?”

“We don't hate anyone. Our studio can only hold so many guests and this is a small gathering, comparatively. There is no way we could represent the full strength of the Destiny community with this one guest list. Sorry about that.” (Deej, Twitter)

On question why they invited some people who are no longer playing the game:

“You are asking us to surround ourselves only with people who agree with us all the time. While that sounds enjoyable, it’s not how learning happens. Please don’t be disheartened. We follow the entire community conversation every day.” (Deej, Twitter)

“We love a lot of people we couldn’t invite this time. This will be a small, disruptive event and we’ve agonized over the guest list.” (Deej, Twitter)

“We left a LOT of people off the list. There is no way we could have invited everyone that we would want to hear from. Fortunately, we still have the Internet, and we look there every day for insights and intel. We have some PVP greats on the list, but that is not the sole focus.” (Deej, Twitter)

  • They’re not happy about the 6v6 bug, but they’re glad they caught it before the mode went live. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Once [IB 6v6] goes live, they'll be watching feedback closely. Poor spawns? Specific maps that are tighter than others? How do Power Ammo spawn rates feel? Etc. (DMG, Reddit)

  • IB 6v6 is tight, but in a different way than Rumble.

“I found myself spawning near friendlies more often, as they were defending the spawn zone from enemy advances. I found myself spawning behind the enemy only when they had advanced too far into our territory, thus forcing a flip of the spawns.

I can absolutely advise that you be careful out there. Don't blindly rush like I do - or you'll find yourself looking at 6 enemies eager to end your streak.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • The road [ahead] never ends. There will never be a “perfect meta”- and the team will continue supporting Destiny 2 to address community feedback as it continues to flow. (DMG, Reddit)

  • They still have a lot of processes to address if they wish to roll out quicker hotfixes in the future. Some of the problems that prevent speed in addressing issues - they don’t yet have answers for. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The goal is to have Iron Banner in Season 2 before S3 comes, so that people can earn the ornaments they are missing. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The change to the strike inactivity timer is now live. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Giving a list of what exactly the system looks at [in regards of the inactivity timer] gives ammunition to those who wish to work around it. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Regarding criticism of lowering the player count to 6 in Rumble instead of adjusting spawn times:

It's a two part problem - we have a change going in with the hotfix that will help spawn issues, but we found in playtests that 8 player Rumble was still too hot.

The team will be looking at more spawn fixes for the future. If we find a place where 8 player rumble isn't too tight and we move to bring it back, we'll let you know!”  (DMG, Reddit)

“Luckily, these were changes that we could get out quickly. We're having conversations internally on how to address the speed in which we fix rising issues.

Kevin touched on this a bit in one of his answers concerning prioritization and resources. We also had a podcast a few months back with Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy where they went a bit deeper on how Hotfixes/Title Updates are made, and how intensive some of these changes can be. There are a bunch of pieces to this puzzle that we have to solve, but we're dedicated to it.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • They’re in the process of planning more bounties – figuring out next topics to cover, developers to sit down on the hot seat, etc. (DMG, Forums)

  • Regarding criticism that streamers and content creators were invited over the common player:

We've invited many content creators, but we've also made sure to cover bases on things like PvE, Raids, Lore, etc.

• Some of the members who were invited to the Community Summit play Destiny 2 daily, and we're excited to hear their feedback.

• Some of the members who were invited to the Community Summit stopped playing Destiny 2 a while ago - which isn't necessarily a bad thing. We want to know why they stopped playing, and we're excited to hear their feedback.

The future is untold - we'll see how this summit goes, and make plans for the future. I can say, Cozmo and I look at these forums every single day and translate the feedback to the developers in a Bi-weekly Community Report - our main focus is not only to make Destiny 2 for the content creators, but for many types of players that enjoy the game.

Whether you be a hyper-competitive Crucible player, a Raid sherpa, a 4-hour-a-week player, or someone who's just here for the story, we're doing our part to collect your thoughts - and get them in front of the people working on the future of Destiny 2.”  (DMG, Forums)

  • Currently just the TTK of Exotics will be lowered with the 1.2.0 patch. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Chris doesn’t know that Finland is made out of holograms and robots and decided to bluescreen one of the said robots. (Chris B, Twitter)

  • The request to bring back Bones of Eao has been passed along to the team. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Next Rumble is 4/17 - which will have the 6 player change. (DMG, Reddit)


  • They’ll make sure that the feedback about making new (DLC) Crucible maps available to everyone is heard. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They are actively looking at player counts, spawns, and map selection, for Rumble and all playlists. (Chris B, Twitter)

  • Has let the team know that people would like the Goblins OP “shield each other” tactic nerfed. (Cozmo, Reddit)

    • Update from the Combatants Team:

This is not intended and is a bug that occurs when the decision making of multiple Taken Goblins’ to shield a nearby ally happens on the exact same tick (30 ticks in a second). The Taken Goblin’s shield behavior has a check to make sure they currently aren’t being shielded before trying to apply a shield to another unit, but if a shield gets applied to the unit at the exact same time as it applies it to another, this issue can occur. We are looking into how we can prevent this or at least reduce the frequency for a future update.”

  • They’re looking into the issue where the raid helmet mod hasn’t worked since the update. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • On the Oryx basketball court, as to why it was useless:

It came in super late as a challenging to reach secret and we hoped it would have a reward but it was too late for ship. Options were ship it as a hidden spot to go dunk on friends w/o reward or cut it. But the excitement around it led to early planning of future meta puzzles.” (Andrew H, Twitter)

This Week At Dev/CM Social Media (26th March - 1st of April)

  • Raid spawning issue:

While working through some of our most painful bugs, I was able to get my hands on a repro of the raid spawning issue and tracked down the bug. The good news is that I believe you may be able to avoid this issue with a relatively simple workaround while a permanent fix is on the horizon. As long as you are launching into a check-pointed raid or the fireteam leader launches solo into the raid before others join, you may be able to avoid this bug. The root cause is the cinematic at the start of the raid pushing some of our memory budgets over the edge as players swap around their gear later on.


Lemming” (Cozmo/Lemming, Forums)

  • Majors and ultras not dropping power ammo 100% of the time is a bug and it's on the list of things they will be looking into fixes for. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • Here are some of the top feedback items [DMG has] noted since Rumble went live. Cozmo and [DMG] are bringing this to the PvP team for them to look through:

    • Dead Cliffs has been highlighted as a map with more severe spawning issues than other maps

    • [They've] noted the feedback that while the 8 player chaos is "controlled" and enjoyable to some, it's a bit crowded out there

    • [They’ve] seen feedback that spawn timers feel a bit low, as players are spawning behind the opponent that has just defeated them and getting revenge before health has a chance to regen

    • Power Ammo is plentiful, but that's leading to some players dominating the match with weapons like Acrius, just camping spawns

[They’ll] continue to watch the feedback as it rolls in throughout the weekend, and give you an update on what the next steps are for Rumble once they're solidified. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Based on on the conversation that Bungie’s been watching, here is what Cozmo believes to be the most frequently requested changes and highest priorities of the community.

o   Weapon Slot Changes

o   Adding Random Rolls

o   Make duplicate drops meaningful

o   Lowering the TTK

o   More weapons and armor as unique rewards

o   Secrets to discover

o   Collectible items to find

o   More Difficult activities

o   Make Exotics more powerful

o   Direct access to specific activities (Gametypes/Strikes)

o   Longer tail progression/quest activities (reason to grind)

o   More Vault space and storage solutions (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • (referencing above) Q: “Is lore = secrets?”

Story and Lore are both topics of conversation that we see frequently on here. Secrets can be found in lore, but these items should be considered as separate bullets on the list.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • There are plans to bring the Bungie Community Spotlight back. (DMG, Twitter)

  • Feedback about Snipers not being power weapons has been heard. As Barrett said previously, weapon slot improvements are high on their priority list and something they are currently working on. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • A Fix is currently in the works for the Tower Blackscreen Issue:

Hey guys,

I'm one of the Engineers at Bungie that was recently charged with investigating this bug. It took us some time to reproduce this internally in a state where we could properly analyze it. We recently were able to get a full memory dump and dig through all of the data to identify the cause.

So I am happy to report that a fix is currently in the works and our community managers will keep you posted on when you should expect to no longer see persistent blacks screens after loading into the tower.” (Engineer at Bungie, Reddit)

  • The team is currently working on a solution for the quest steps in weapon slots issue. Once they have details, they’ll let you know. (DMG, Forums)

  • Not seeing what supers other players have in PVP is intentional. It was removed from Quickplay but is still im [sic] Competitive. You can still bring up your Ghost to see it and check the status of Supers. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • A fix for The Scope Bug™ is aimed for 1.2.0. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • If you can get 3 mods, you can cut your regen 50%. Blue mods offer the same amount as purples. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • They're seeing a lot of reports of Rumble spawning being a little crowded in 1.1.4. The devs are discussing possible solutions. Keep the feedback coming. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • The Strike and Crucible Repetition Reduction feature has been disabled temporarily due to it causing BAT error codes. While disabled, they'll be investigating why Strike/Crucible Repeat Reductions was causing issues, and how soon you can expect these systems to be back online. Stay tuned. (DMG, Twitter)

  • With the Sunshot, there was an increase in explosive damage, but a decrease in overall damage. DMG spoke with the sandbox team – this is expected with the explosive round changes. Here are the numbers he was seeing against a Loyalist Colussus [sic] in the Leviathan using a 335 Sunshot:

    • Long range body: 410 and 86

    • Long range crit: 410 and 171

    • Close range body: 410 and 257

    • Close range crit: 410 and 513 (DMG, Reddit)

  • Feedback about the want to bring back Machine Guns has been passed along to the team. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Clarification on “more evolutions in season 2”:

In another reply tweet, I pledged an extension of the Roadmap. My target for that is early April. We revise our outlook about once a month lately. There is more to come.” (Deej, Twitter)

  • Feedback has been heard that 8 player rumble is a big problem and that the spawns are just a mess, and that it should be reduced to 6 players has been noted. (Deej, Twitter)

  • They’re planning to extend that Roadmap soon to include some unrevealed waypoints. (Deej, Twitter)

  • Charlemagne’s numbers seem to be an inaccurate sampling of all players. The end results are in the millions, not hundreds of thousands. Don't get [Deej] wrong. [Deej is] not a Monarchy loyalist. (Deej, Twitter)

  • The patch is one step toward a better state of combat in the game. One of many. (Deej, Twitter)

  • Charlemagne’s numbers are not accurate of the entire player base. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • Vigilance Wing is considered high impact.

  • More things about dismantling at the Postmaster: “Thanks for the feedback. We had already responded to a previous request for dismantling straight from the postmaster and had made the team aware of that. We let them know that you would also like us to prioritize the order as well based on item rarity.”  (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • The reduced interaction time for patrol beacons also applies to adventures, and other activities triggered by totems found in the open world. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Exotic Weapons will be receiving some love in Update 1.2.0, as noted on the Roadmap. (DMG, Reddit) (DMG, Twitter)

  • The NF loot isn’t restricted per character. Increase your chances by getting higher scores. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Regarding the “Prevented the stacking of Lightweight and the MIDA Mini-Tool’s Lightweight perks” bullet point: This is related to Mini-Tool having faster movement speed than Multi-Tool. From the notes it sounds like this was unintentional, and due to Lightweight and the Mini-Tool perks stacking, and now they no longer stack. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The player Super display has been removed from the HUD. Players can still access this information in the death screen and while their Ghost is out. Clarification: you will no longer see who on your team (or the enemy team) has a super in Quickplay. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Cayde not having treasure maps is a known issue. Aiming for a fix in 1.2.0 (DMG, Reddit)

  • They’ll be updating the roadmap again in April. (DMG, Reddit)

  • They'll also be diving in with the devs to get some comms together surrounding various features and future plans. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Rumble is solo queue. While they’ve heard the feedback they know private matches are ever approaching and didn’t want to compromise the Rumble experience with teamers and feeders. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Some of the changes [to exotics] will apply, but the big changes are coming next. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • The focus is to re-establish Destiny as a hobby, where there’s always something new to do and cool (or more powerful) stuff to chase. (Chris B, Reddit)

  • They’ll have definitive answers for the random rolls topic and weapons slots soon. They are extremely high on their priority list. They absolutely owe players answers to those. (Chris B, Reddit)

  • Expect to see more posts as we head into 1.1.4 this week and Expansion 2. (Chris B, Reddit)

  • Don't expect everyone to fly around like a fighter jet, but yes the three melee subclasses are all running at the same speed now. Arc Strider's attacks and dodges are much faster now. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Dawnblade has a sweet perfect in air buff on Swift strike and anything that got an accuracy boost (HC) gets tighter on air and ground. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • As long as people like Cozmo and DMG are in the mix, [gloom and death] won’t be the entire vibe. They’ll lead you to the fun. (Deej, Twitter)

  • Meanwhile, Deej is working with our team to give people like Josh Hamrick and his teammates a louder voice. (Deej, Twitter)

  • Cozmo has been very vocal with designers about bringing more of community building activities (such as Spindle, CoO, Outbreak, etc) to the game. (Cozmo, Reddit)

I agree fully with this statement and have been very vocal with designers about bringing more of these community building activities to the game. It's not only rewarding to get helped through a tough challenge by a veteran player, it's arguably even more satisfying to help a player overcome something they struggled with and finally beat it for the first time.

    • They have heard the feedback to also have a rare drop associated with activities that gave a guaranteed reward (Black Spindle). (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • The March Update is one of many steps in what we feel is a better direction for Destiny 2. There are more to come. We're taking in all the chatter this morning that about what else players want to see. Keep sounding off and we'll keep deploying updates.” (Deej, Twitter)

  • They are dusting off the Twitch studio soon. Stay tuned. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Rumble first on the 27th. Mayhem week after that. Iron Banner 6v6 after that. (DMG, Twitter)

  • Just watch the video.

  • They are aware that people want more of those kind of videos and agree that they should do more of them. (Cozmo, Twitter) (DMG, Reddit) (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Regarding questions about if TTK being lowered: “We have some of that coming in 1.1.4”. (DMG, Reddit)

This Week At Dev/CM Social Media (19th March - 25th)

  • This is where I decided to stop categorizing the summaries into categories below because I’m an awful human being. I’m afraid that categorizing this would cause everything to explode. Doc will get overhauled 27th with the old stuff moved to another doc. I’m gonna lick it until then. Literally nothing else has worked to make this doc shorter/more usable so now I’m gonna lick it. A website is coming soon.

  • They aren't diving into the details [about the quitter penalty] - they don't want to give players ideas on how to try and circumvent the system. Essentially: Don't quit, or don't start the match if you don't have the time to complete it. (DMG, Twitter)

  • Trials of the Nine does not have a quitter penalty. Not only are you receiving a loss on your card if you quit, but you're making it hard for your pre-made fireteam to continue playing if they stick around. (DMG, Twitter)

  • [Tedious shader deletion] is an issue the team is well aware of. Once they have details, they'll add the expected timeframe to the Roadmap on when you can expect it to be addressed. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Regarding Crucible quitter penalties: Players will be temporarily restricted (for 30 min) specifically from Competitive and Osiris Competitive playlists if they're habitual quitters. They will not be restricted from alt activities.(DMG, Twitter)

  • There will be numbers included with the patch notes. (DMG, Reddit)

  • All of Sandbox, Crucible, and other QOL changes in 1.1.4 are coming out next week on 3/27 well ahead of Expansion 2. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • If you haven't got the Emblem for pledging [to a Faction], you need to grab it before the 27th. You can work on getting your ornaments until the 3rd as long as you have pledged before the 27th. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Exotic Weapon Tuning has been noted for Update 1.2.0 in the roadmap for some time. Leading up to launch, [they’re] planning to show some changes via video. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Regarding why they decided to not show the NF Unique Rewards in the TWAB:

“Put out the question, had quite a lot of folks say they wanted to go in blind. Here, Twitter,

There were some who wanted to see one. Some who wanted two. Hell, some wanted every item with all details - we opted to let the community discover these items, and for those who show them off "first" to become legend.” (DMG, Reddit)

“There was intention [to show something]. We actually cooked up a preview image for one of the uniques that I wanted to ship with the roadmap.

Once that item in particular goes live post-1.1.4, I'll put out the image.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • They made several changes to Power Ammo, but that’s only a part of the overall things they are adjusting in 1.1.4. Power Ammo changes are not the “focus” of 1.1.4 (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They’re not going to call maps or modes added from OG Destiny “new content.” (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Regarding the Burnout map being described as ‘new’ in a trailer: “I was extremely deliberate in describing the map when it we first announced it but missed the text in the trailer review.” (Cozmo, Reddit)

    • They want to bring back old favs, but not at the expense of actually making new stuff. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They see a lot of feedback about bringing forward things from Destiny 1 like Rumble and 6v6 and have decided to act on it. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They are excited to see these features coming to Destiny 2, but they are not going to portray them as “brand new content that you totally haven’t seen before.” (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • If you see anyone representing Bungie making that claim, please let Cozmo know. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Asking the team what the plan is for how long they will be looking at feedback before they decide what to do with it is something DMG can indeed ask. It’s something they can look to cover in a TWAB and future roadmap update. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Fusion rifles were still viable during [DMG’s] time in playtests. Main Ingredient is still a beast - but there are a few other options that may take your spot, depending on your mood. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The mix of Power and Primary has felt good to [DMG] in playtests, but [he’s] more interesting in hearing how you feel once you’ve jumped into a Nightfall or Crucible activity using different gear. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Once 1.1.4 lands, they’ll be focused on feedback concerning Sandbox in both PVE and PVP. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Regarding next patch: 6v6 is only for Iron Banner, and strike specific loot is only for Nightfall. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • Feedback on differentiating fresh raid runs from checkpoints has been passed to the team. (DMG, Reddit)

  • There are many people at Bungie who would like to do some more cool stuff with the Infinite Forrest. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Cozmo let the devs know that prestige Nightfall armour (that has perks when become active when playing prestige Nightfalls) is something players want to see added in the future. (Cozmo, Reddit)

This Week At Dev/CM Social Media (12th March - 18th March)

  • Mark Noseworthy on the question of why he doesn’t tweet more about Destiny 2 and the state of the Live game. (Mark N, Twitter)

A question I get a lot on Twitter is, “Why don’t you tweet more about Destiny 2 and the state of the Live game?” The answer here is multifaceted.

Firstly, the official channel @bungie is the best source for info about the evolving game. So if you want latest news, that’s who to follow. I get that people like to follow folks who make things they care about because maybe they will share insider info or because you’re just interested in what we they have to say about random things. I do that too. See: @jamesgunn

Secondly, my general rules of thumb on commenting on Destiny are if: 1. I’m currently a spokesperson for an upcoming release (because I’m working directly on it) AND I need to clarify something I or someone else has recently said (interview etc.) and it’s important to correct quickly. 3. There’s a cool but unimportant tidbit of info that hasn’t made it into another info channel for some reason. Since D2 launch, #1 hasn’t been true so I got real quiet about Destiny. And will remain so for a long while. That means #2 and #3 basically go to zero as well.

I care deeply about the game’s future and am still processing feedback, even when it’s hard to hear. Don’t take my silence as ignorance. Others at Bungie are listening too.

If you do want to follow folks who are working day in and day out on D2, may I suggest folks like @cgbarrett and @2scott2furious. Barry tweets about the game a bunch. And pixel art. Scott tweets about stuff like Golden Girls and @shakeshack. YMMV.”

  • They’ve seen the feedback about not showing Nightfall/Strike Specific Loot and letting the community discover it themselves instead. They’re currently looking at a few options. (DMG, Reddit)

  • They’re considering changing up the Clan Rewards feature in the future. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Suggestion to expand the Subclass Trees to allow for more customizable builds has been forwarded to the team. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Only items that won't be available in Season 3 will be the Season 2 Armor Ornaments, and the Season 2 Emblems. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Losing faction weapons will be added to the loot pool when Faction Rallies starts up again in Season 3. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • They have plans for another Bungie Bounty soon. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They’ll show off the new Nightfall Unique Rewards next week, BUT Cozmo will try to format it in a way where you can scroll past the spoilers. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They won’t have a video for the TWAB this week, but they are looking to see how often they can get footage from the dev builds/playtests. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The team is investigating a way to root out bots [on the forums] They're working hard on a permanent solution, and we'll let you know when we have more info.” (DMG, Forums)

  • Suggestion to let us apply shaders to swords has been passed along to the team. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Private matches will be available to all players of Destiny 2, you won’t need to buy the DLC to access it. (Derek C, Twitter)

    • All of the features outlined in the development update/roadmap will be free to all players, as noted by Chris a while ago.

  • They’re looking into the Burnout map exploit. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • Update 1.1.4 will be increasing both hip fire and ADS accuracy for Hand Cannons on consoles. This will also increase in-air accuracy. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • DMG will talk to the Sandbox team about in air accuracy. (DMG, Reddit)

  • DMG edited the comment:

“Hey all,

Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4 will be increasing hip fire accuracy and ADS accuracy for Hand Cannons on consoles, which also increases accuracy in-air. Personally, I’ve found my in-air shots landing more consistently during playtests when using Sturm and Drang.

The Sandbox team has also informed us that they intend to take a look at in-air accuracy after 1.1.4 goes live and do some testing. Once 1.1.4 becomes available, we’d still like to hear your feedback – whether you’re able to land shots more often, or feel you’re still missing shots that you believe should have connected, let us know!” (DMG, Reddit)

  • The Sandbox team let us know that they will be looking at in-air accuracy further after 1.1.4 goes live and will be doing more testing.” (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • They’ve seen Houndish’s video. (DMG, Forums)

  • No changes to the Masterwork system on 27th. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • Suggestions to delete items directly from the vault has been forwarded to the team. DMG is curious if players would also want to be able to dismantle items in the postmaster. (DMG, Forums)

  • “No plans to remove the Crucible, but we have plans to make it better. We also have plans to increase your damage output in PVE as well.“ (Cozmo, Forums)

  • The suggestion to reward players who stay instead of punishing those who leave has been forwarded to the team. (Cozmo, Forums)

  • “Seems the two most popular suggestions right now [for weapons] are "change it to 4 slots," or "make it like D1." I've been letting the team know that the community still really wants to see changes made to weapon slots and keep sending them your feedback.” (Cozmo, Forums)

  • Hard Light is getting the Borealis treatment and will be able to switch elements on the fly. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They have plans to make the Borealis more exotic-er. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Cozmo is passing all of the good feedback he sees on random rolls to the dev team. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Swift Strike was correct all along. (DMG, Twitter)

  • Nature of the Beast, A Cold Sweat and a prophecy weapon are the only three precision hand cannons in game (and you should hold on to them). (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • The patch in March will definitely shake up the Crucible heading into season 3. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • They’ve talked about the opt-in voice chat internally. They understand the desire for [automatic opt-in for voice chat, so that people could opt-out if they wanted] and they are still evaluating, but for now they’re sticking with the opt-in experience. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Kevin agrees that the comp playlist should be a place where the competitive environment is put first. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • Suggestion to revert the duration of (the bottom tree) Golden Gun back to 12 seconds has been noted. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Cozmo would love to see a Public Test Realm for Destiny 2 someday. He’ll let the team know that this is a high priority for the community. (Cozmo, Reddit) 2

Everything we know so far about the new DLC.

  • Placeholder.

Bugs/issues they are aware of. In no order of priority of when they’ll be fixed:

  • (Mar 7) They are aware of MIDA Multi Tool countering the Gemini Jester no-radar effect. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • (Mar 6) DMG confirmed that they’re actively investigating the Lost Sector “issue”. (DMG, Twitter)

  • (Mar 3) NF glitch where Laser Cabal gets stuck and becomes immune has been logged. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • (Mar 3) Regarding Lost Sector NF cheese criticism:

“We won't be utilizing the super high scores from this cheese method when we adjust the emblem tiers. But we also don't mind celebrating players who find creative ways to run up the score. If you know their method, see if you can top their score.

We assumed the community would find creative ways to run up the score. We won't be using the super high scores from players utilizing this method when we adjust emblem tiers. We don't anyone [sic] to be forced to do this to earn their Aura.” (Cozmo, Forums) 2

  • (Mar 1) They haven’t been able to reproduce the black screen issue on their internal builds, but are starting to get some valuable info from the live environment from their personal accounts. (DMG, Reddit)

    • Keep posting reports to the #Help forum to let them know how frequently this occurs.

  • (Feb 28) They are aware that the old emblems do not display what the emblems track anymore. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 28) They are investigating Heroic Adventures losing their modifiers after the patch. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Nova Bomb fix

  • (Feb 21) Black screen on Tower (DMG, Reddit) 2

  • (Feb 16) Sent to orbit during Argos damage phase. (DMG, Forums)

  • (Feb 2) The bug where some snipers have sway and others don’t is an alternate bug. It’s a per-scope basis. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 1) Spawning glitch in Leviathan aka sparkly blue Guardians. (Cozmo, Reddit) (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Jan 31) One of the perks for swords not showing up in the UI. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • (Jan 30) The shader bug UI bug. (DMG, Reddit) | Aiming for 1.1.4 fix.

  • Floating ornaments


  • (Mar 9) All Snipers had bugs with their scopes. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Re: is there any way to confirm if some of the changes on console will be felt by controller users on PC?:

    • Yea, those changes should all manifest on PC with controllers.” (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) They’re definitely looking at Exotic Armor. [They’re] confident the day will come where [they] share information like we did with weapons. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Linear fusions got bumped to make them much better. Standard fusions are left unchanged for now. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Josh can’t be stopped. (Josh H, Twitter) (Josh H, Twitter) (Josh H, Twitter)

    • Neither can I

    • Bring it on, Josh.

  • (Mar 9) “...there will indeed be some other options that will make you think “should I run this exotic in my heavy, this in my energy, or this in my kinetic?” (DMG, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) When the heavy ammo is pulled, only you get the heavy/power ammo. (DMG, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) In combination with with ammo changes there have been significantly less rockets in playtests. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) To be clear, Dodge is unchanged... Invisibility was nerfed. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Re: endless TTK discussion. Playtests have been really good and it’s definitely changed things. They’re not claiming to be finished. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Radar is only off in competitive modes. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) MIDA and its radar will work like normal in Quickplay. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) It’s possible that we’ll get a static ability cooldown buff. Not planned at this time (Mar 9) though. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Explosive rounds will deal the same damage overall in PvE. The ratio of what causes it has been tweaked. The damage buff, when specified, is only in PvE, on top of any base damage boosts. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Re Time To Kill remaining the same whilst movement speed is increasing:

Some weapons are being brought up to be more viable and competitive. We're modeling our ideal TTK to that around Precision Auto Rifles. In current D2 most of our TTK and pace is defined by weapons due to lack of variety in gameplay.

This means we have a fixed (static) TTK which is on the slow side. We're actively going to change that. Heavy, Ability Mod/Perks, Movement, and weapons are being brought up to make sure the game is fast and spicy and at the level we believe players would expect from Destiny.

I look forward to you trying 1.1.4 & getting your feedback further. I know you're concerned about movement trumping TTK & I understand where you are coming from. In our playtests we (and external participants) felt that disengaging is not as prevalent as it reads on paper. <3” (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Triple stack of mods gives you 2x cooldown. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) The incoming (1.2.0) fix touches ALL snipers. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Callouts will still be displayed even though radar isn’t. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Foetracer is great in Comp, Knucklehead isn’t. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) They’re not ever done working to make the sandbox as good as it can be. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Reason why they didn’t just grant more super per kill is because they felt like the super wait was too long in general. They actually did bump the super per kill amounts some too. Josh will make sure it gets into the patch notes. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Re why it takes 2 months to fix the sniper flinch bug:

It was a big, nasty bug that forced our artist to go through and do work on every sniper in the game. So huge amount of work AND it means every sniper in the game has to get retested. Once we figured it out we just didn't have the time to complete it for 1.1.4.” (Josh H, Twitter)

Trust me, we tried and everyone except Father Time himself wanted it.  But, we do have it going through testing in 1.2.0 as you saw in the video and we're very excited to get it out to you.” (Josh H, Twitter)

“It was a big bug that required a bunch of time to fix AND requires a bunch of time to test. Just couldn't get it ready to go out for 1.1.4.” (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Aim assist is re-enabled after the dodge ends, but before invis ends. (Josh H, Twitter. Technically, Datto, Twitter.)

    • You break tracking and aim assist briefly when you initiate a dodge. That's unchanged. But invisibility and tracking is re-enabled during invisibility. You're easier to shoot and tracking grenades and the like will seek you out.” (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Regarding people saying that they won’t come back unless TTK doesn’t change:

    • “I think you should try 1.1.4 for a bit first and then talk to us more about what you think knowing how those changes play. I'm not saying you'll change your mind only that you'll have more context.” (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) They had two choices; shrink range enough to allow flanking and now the radar feels broken, or extend the radar enough to feel right and now you struggle to flank. They didn't have room to do both. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Regarding a suggested fix to limit the range of the radar instead of removing it completely: “It feels broken when you see someone closer to you than you'd expect but your tracker is telling you no one is there. That being said, like I said in the TWAB, these changes are a step forward and not the end. Let's play it live and go from there.” (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) They didn’t want to crash the Colony to the ground for no reason. They would rather balance around cool things. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Regarding concerns that the Colony spam will get even worse: “With this patch we wanted to establish a new base line and balance around that instead of holding onto preconceived notions of the previous build. We’re open to tuning this based on feedback though.” (Kevin Y, Twitter)

We definitely had people running Colony in playtests but with the buffs to movement speed, snipers and shotguns it felt like there were more counters available overall. We didn't wanna crush it into the ground for no reason. Again, we'd rather balance around cool things.”

  • (Mar 9) Colony stays at 4 shots per pull! We feel it’s good enough as is. (Kevin Y, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Josh runs with spike, triple, reload dodge and mostly does top path. Thinks that bottom path may be the way to go after the patch. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Knucklehead and Gemini are not getting buffed elsewhere to compensate for the Trials radar changes. But, playtests have shown that it’s still very effective. (Josh H, Twitter) 2

  • (Mar 9) Graviton remains unchanged regarding invisibility. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) The damage boost % changes per weapon. Josh believes that the average is currently sitting at 15% (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Any Base Damage or Precision Damage buffs is in both PvE and PvP. Bonus PvE damage goes on top of that. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) Looking into why only PC is considered for NF high scores. (DMG, Reddit)

    • We've identified the issue with our data. An issue cropped up on Monday that blocked some stats from being uploaded properly. These teams should be the top!” - > Click me!

  • (Mar 9) You have to hold to pick up Heavy ammo off of defeated enemies.

Yep. If you want that ammo, you have to actively pick it up.

Noticed this in playtests, had less instances of someone dying as they realized they had picked up power. Adding that barrier, the conscious decision to pick it up, led to me actually getting a bit more power ammo more often.

Sometimes players ignore it entirely, as they're focusing on a kill or getting to a portion of the map to trigger a super.” (DMG, Reddit)

“You can see in the video, though, the timer is pretty short. It's still a risky move to try to get that power brick if it's out in the open when you know enemies are about, but it can pan out to get a slug or two in your shotgun to continue your spree.” (DMG, Twitter)

  • (Mar 9) The mods will make the cooldowns 2x faster than BASE cooldown, not 2x faster than what is currently achievable with mods. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Mar 9) They will give some info about the exotic gear buffs. Not 100% sure when yet, still working on them. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • (Mar 8) “Planning to hit a playtest today, focusing on how Exotics feel in the Leviathan Raid activity. I'll see if we can speak to these changes soon - Exotic tuning is planned for 1.2.0, sandbox is hard at work to make them feel exciting in both PvP and PvE.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Mar 5) 1.1.4 will introduce changes to the Power Ammo economy. You’ll have many more opportunities aside from timed power ammo crates on maps. They’re also tweaking the power ammo spawn timers. (DMG, Forums)

  • (Mar 2) Grenade Launchers are getting improved with 1.1.4 (DMG, Forums)

  • Exotic weapons and armour are getting a pass from the Sandbox team. The goal is to make Exotics feel more exotic. (Various sources)

  • (Feb 21) Shotguns and snipers will get some tweaks so that they feel viable. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 21) “Snipers and Shotguns will get some tweaks, making them much more viable in your power slot. Coming from a playtest yesterday, things felt pretty great!” (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 21) They’re testing weapons against both PVP and PVE environments. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 21) Tractor Cannon will be improved. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 21) Sunshot improvements (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 21) Graviton Lance improvements. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 9) Skyburners, Fighting Lion and Graviton Lance are getting updates. (Jon W, Twitter) (DMG, Forums)

  • (Feb 2) Linear Fusion Rifles are also being tuned. Like Snipers, Flinch will be adjusted. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 2) Lack of Sniper usage due to being outclassed by rocket launchers is one piece of the puzzle. The right people are looking at ways to make Snipers a class of weapon that more players will equip. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 2) The Shoulder charge fix applies to any form of Shoulder Charge. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 2) They’re continuing to evaluate Destiny 2’s weapon slot system, and how all the different types of weapons in Destiny fit into the game, how they are being played, and what we can do to improve that experience. Expect to hear more about that soon. (TWAB, and Josh H)

  • (26 Jan) They’re working on masterwork changes, different perks than reduced Super damage. (Chris B, Twitter)

  • (19 Jan) Making the player feel like a God (Josh H, Twitter)

  • (Feb 2) The new mod system and the cooldowns are interconnected. (Josh H, Twitter)


  • (Feb 9) “Feedback on the Prestige/Loadout availability has been heard. The team is still iterating on this system. While you won’t get any concrete commitments, your voice is being represented.” (Joe B, Twitter)

  • (Feb 9) The loadout mode will take place of Prestige mode. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • (Feb 9) Current plan of record is one Prestige mode per week. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • (Feb 9)  EOW is not getting any specific encounter changes, all the previous Prestige changes in Leviathan will be active when players engage in its new loadout difficulty. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • The Prestige raid will drop normal shaders as well since the encounters get double drops now.

  • Both Prestige and Normal rewards will be granted in unison upon completion of the Prestige encounter, rather than completing Prestige and having double back on Normal for all Rewards.

  • (Feb 9) Individual weapons will only ever be quest rewards so you can grab it before you raid. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • (Feb 9) They want to make sure that players still have the freedom to play how they like in Normal mode. Keep Prestige as an optional mode that is difficult and offers some unique challenges. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Daniel talks about raid tokens and mods.

Misc Crucible future plans.

  • (Feb 7) They’re working on incentives to stick out a losing fight in the Crucible. (Deej, Twitter)

  • (Feb 5) They’re looking into tuning the Mercy rule for the better (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • (Jan 30) Bungie is collecting feedback for Trials. No ETA on changes. They’ll talk when they’re ready. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Jan 26) They’ll talk about the ranking system soon. (Cozmo, Reddit)

Misc future plans: (subject to change)

  • (Mar 8) Letting players apply mods and shaders from the official app is the first is the first (baby)step in evolving the app. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Mar 6) Masterworks is a V1 feature that they can definitely build upon. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • (Mar 5) The team is working on guaranteed MW rewards for certain harder activities, like the Nightfall. (Chris B, Twitter)

  • (Mar 2) Patrol timers are being looked at, should be an easy fix. (DMG, Reddit) (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • (Mar 2)  Artist Of The Week emblems are on their radar. (DMG, Twitter)

  • (Feb 22) (For now) The scoring is just for Nightfall. (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 22) “The goal of [the NF rewards] is to be "unique" in the realm of Destiny 2. Don't have anything to show yet, but we'll be in touch before the items are released.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • (Feb 16) A system to protect against duplicate exotic drops. (Cozmo, Forums)

  • Modifiers are only for prestige Nightfall (for now?)

  • (Feb 1) Eververse changes are in the pipeline, not present on the roadmap. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • The plan is to have roadmaps more often.

  • They are currently developing further fixes for the XP system.

  • (Jan 19) They plan to do something better than D1 state of things. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • Restoring the grind

  • (Jan 12) Adding things similar to Dead Ghosts. Not exactly Dead Ghosts but something for the collectors. (Cozmo, Reddit) 2

  • (Jan 28) Sparrows on Mercury. (Chris B, Twitter)

Suggestions/notes forwarded to the other devs/things that they are aware of:

  • Cozmo will let the team know that players would like to see CoO PVP maps added to Iron Banner in the future. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Cozmo is looking into auto revive on completion of strikes. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They’re aware that people don’t want Mayhem and Rumble to rotate every week. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • They are aware that people want more things to grind for. That people like the grind for the ornaments but “the juice needs to be worth the squeeze” (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • TTK feedback has been heard. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Horde mode. (1) (2)  

  • To let players pick their game mode in the Crucible. (DMG, Forums)

  • Matchmaking for Nightfall (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Letting players view the damage/kill screen after the raid is over while they’re in orbit, like in D1. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • That people would still like to see D1 reprisals (like PVP maps) come to Destiny 2 from time to time. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • To add commas in DPS numbers on raid wipe screen. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • That players would rather just have the loadout mode added in and keep all 3 prestige modes. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • The feedback on Questing.

  • To have more than three party members in a patrol zone.

  • More six player activities. They are aware of the concerns that there isn’t anything available for 6 people asides from the raid. (Cozmo, Reddit) 2

  • Campaign playlist. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • That the in-air accuracy is not good. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Damaged ornaments for Ikora’s gearsets. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Penalties for quitting from matches.

  • Arcstrider improvements. (Cozmo, Reddit) 2

  • Veteran rewards if you played D1 on one console and D2 on another. (DMG, Reddit)

  • They’re looking into strike teams and Crucible teams not getting broken up (in a sense where they want to have it like it was in D1) (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Power Levels for IB

  • “Atmosphere” changes: (Cozmo, Reddit)

      • Improved scannables to be more in-depth and possibly unlock a grimoire card

      • Lore tabs expanded to more gear

      • Better defined backstories for enemies

      • Bring back grimoire

      • Cooler environmental mysteries like the giant worms on Titan

      • Grittier storytelling

  • To move the Cabal raid quest items into the inventory, like Brother Vance’s properties.

  • Feedback for record books and faction rallies: (Cozmo, Reddit)

    • Clear progression paths to gear completion.

    • Rewards to matter more (prestige, utility, representation)

    • That players miss Iron-Banner-Esque gear theming (read: everyone wears IB colors)

    • That players want Factions fleshed out narratively (requests of story lines)

    • That players want to compete against other factions

        • Repeated 3v3v3 or 4v4v4 mode requests (2)

    • That players like ornaments, progression on ornaments, and farming for them.

    • That players want stronger visual changes for ornaments.

    • That players want the return of the exotic faction class items

    • That players want uncapped rank, or special reward for reaching the cap

    • That players want more faction related progression bars

        • Clan faction pledge/progression, record book.

  • That raid armour needs to be more important. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • On The Comms quest constantly coming back even if you’ve discarded it. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • To change the Crucible helmet ornament to “any” Crucible wins. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Shooting gallery thing and home base. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • That teams would like losing teams in Trials to get something for their effort. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • To make Amanda more useful. (Cozmo, Reddit) 2 3

  • Crimson Days Strike Playlist (2 man strikes with the same buffs from Doubles playlist) (Cozmo, Reddit 2)

  • Make Sweet Business sweeter with more ammo. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • More PVE faction rally events such as zone control, world bosses, and events that drop exclusive gear.

  • Solo playlist. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Changes to the weapons system. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Improve Gunsmith Telemetries. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • 3v3 Trials (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Removing juggler. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • TTK, power fantasy, etc (see source) (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Prestige mode changes. (DMG, Forums)

  • Dragonfly improvements. (DMG, Forums)

  • To increase ammo reserves for sidearms/SMGs by “a lot” (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Shadowshot to be made into a OHK ability. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Feedback about Tripmine grenades (in regards of ‘unicorning’) has been forwarded to the team. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Lots of feedback about patrols has been forwarded to the team. (See source) (Cozmo, Reddit)

Future things they want to do but aren’t necessarily working on:

Behind the scenes gamedev stuff:

  • Player top speeds affect world loading, hence why they have to be careful with increasing it and why there are no sparrows in certain places. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • Changing ADS speeds is possible, but it messes people up. (Josh H, Twitter)

  • They’ve heard the feedback that people want videos of what’s to come instead of tweets/screenshots. (Lars B, Twitter)

  • But there are certain difficulties with getting those kinds of videos. (Jon W, Twitter)

There's footage from a playtest coming soon to a TWAB. It was captured last week, took a fair amount of vetting from multiple ppl to make sure we weren't showing something we hadn't announced yet, required time from test to pull off lab machines, edit, compress then went to our vizd team for final editing where things like debug text can get removed from the footage. Then it gets passed around again for final sign off. All in all it has taken a little over a week.

Again, I agree it would be totally sweet. Just saying there's a fair amount of work involved from people to make it happen. So, sometimes all you're gonna get is a fun tease from my twitter account and nothing else. All will be revealed in time. Cheers!”

  • Cozmo will see if they can get more info about why Bungie simply can’t add 777,777 vault slots.

  • They had to turn off item comparison in the vault to make an expansion work on legacy consoles for D1. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • A lot of stakeholders need to review information Bungie puts out about changes to the game. (Cozmo, Reddit)

    • Stakeholders = “people who make the stuff”. Got to make sure the CMs get everything accurate. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Sometimes test and design resources get allocated to fixing higher priority issues that could have prevented content from shipping. Such as Game crashes, FPS drops, interact prompts having issues, stuff like that (DMG, Reddit)

  • Heroic Adventures on Mercury follow a different reset schedule than most other rituals in the game.

  • Bungie never said that the reason they don’t have Warthog like vehicles is because they’re afraid of people being jerks with them. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They were targeting February for Mods 2.0, but they knew that the scope of the rework would push it to May. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They have ways to test against different network connections, even when using a local environment. They have few techniques to replicate latency, which is used to measure the player experience and test for potential issues when mechanics experience lag. (DMG, forums)

  • (Re: Crucible emblem tracking) They were not previously tracking Guardians defeated by class. They didn’t want there to be a difference between your total and the breakdown by class, so they gave you a starting point evenly distributed among the 3 classes. The remainder went to Warlocks. (Cozmo, Twitter)

  • “We've held a meeting internally to note some pain points in our processes leading to release - which we plan to address prior to 1.1.4 and 1.2.0. I'll be more in tune with our test and design teams, leading to stronger communications and releases.” (DMG, Forums)

  • “With issues like [The trials erroneous loss bug) we don't broadcast that we're aware of it immediately when it's discovered. Try to avoid spreading the issue, while working on things internally to identify a fix and potential deployment window for it.” (DMG, Reddit)

  • Prestige raid clears wasn’t a stat tracked prior to the update. (Cozmo, Reddit)

    • [Cozmo] asked the design team what the deal was and they said they were not tracking the prestige clears before the update. [He] mentioned the API data, and they informed [him] that the data the emblem pulls from is not the same. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • “Answering questions like "will Destiny ever have Feature X" feels like a trap because I have no idea what we might decide in the future; what I strongly feel today might be proven wrong tomorrow.” And how Destiny almost didn’t have dancing. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Forever 29 was a tricky thing to tackle. (Daniel. Reddit)

  • Originally they wanted the raid armor to have 2 mod slots (one normal, one raid) but they ran in to some technical hurdles that they didn't have time to solve. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Daniel talks about hotfixes and schedules.

  • Bungie never wanted to do player trading or a player driven economy. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Time is a harsh mistress in game dev. See source. (Daniel, Reddit)

  • Regarding Black Spindle-Esque quests, by Cozmo:

      • As a community manager, I know that there are always multiple opinions every decision. A lot of players loved the Black Spindle quest. There were a lot of players who also hated it. They thought it was way too hard and gating off content from solo players who couldn’t complete the challenge. Now the former may tell the latter to “Gut Gud” but I still hear those people out

Also, there are those who are for and against timers on the Nightfall. So when I ask for feedback, I try to get a sense of what the community is currently feeling about a subject. Not just go on my personal assumptions based on the past.

Cozmo later stated that he never stated his opinion when saying above. He was simply acknowledging that they did receive that feedback from some players. (Cozmo, Reddit)

Misc messages and comments:

  • The person playing in the video in the TWAB was a Bungie employee. Not an external playtester or some D2 streamers that were working on a secret project, contrary to popular belief. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • The emails from Bungie about playtesting and feedback are legit. (Cozmo, Forums)

  • Cozmo will talk with Urk about bringing back the podcast. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • They have plans to fire up the Twitch studio again. (Cozmo, Reddit)

    • Cozmo would definitely like to bring back the ride alongs. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Base variant NF emblem can be earned from prestige nightfall completion.If you so wish, you can jump straight into Prestige difficulty for it. (DMG, Twitter)

  • For this week, NF Thresholds are the same as last. 20, 40, 60, 80k. (DMG, Twitter)

  • Once the ”Go fast!” update is live, DMG will probably run his Warlock a bit more often. Right now his Warlock just “exists”. (DMG, Reddit)

  • DMG hits two Sandbox play tests a week. (DMG, Reddit)

  • DMG looks at the feedback forums every day. (DMG, Forums)

  • A set bonus for wearing a full set of armour is definitely something to consider. But it comes with its own problems, such as removing the freedom of mixing and matching their gear. (DMG, forums)

  • Bungie devs do play their own game. (Cozmo, Forums)

  • They have read a lot of feedback stating "It's ok if things change, just give us more info about what is happening!" (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • There was a lot of feedback on removing the grind to unlock weapon perks during D1

  • The CM’s can’t make unilateral changes to the game so they’re not going to reply stating something will be changed until it’s been confirmed.

  • There is no “last man standing throttle” hidden modifier. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • Ornament unlock progress carries over between events

  • No plans to let anyone miss out on rewards. (Chris B, Twitter)

  • It’s important to not assume everyone thinks the game should be exactly like D1 (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • “We aren’t looking for any pats on the back, we are interesting in hearing which of our planned changes you like and which you don’t.” (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • No community managers are leaving. (Cozmo, Reddit & Various sources)

  • They’ll never fault anyone for being angry about something with the game as long as they are civil (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • No plans to go dark between updates. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • All of the features outlined in the development update/roadmap will be free to all players. (Chris B, Twitter)

  • When Deej tweets “What else has you curious?” the answers help him take a census and plan the next round of dev commentary. It’s not an AMA. (Deej, Twitter)

  • The CMs lead the way, but the whole company contributes facts, commentary or art to help us arrive at the right message. (Deej, Twitter)

  • Deej is kicking ass behind the scenes to enable Cozmo and DMG to be more active. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The devs are doing the work. CMs are giving players a chance to share their ideas. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • I want an emblem, Bungie. <3 (jk)

OLD STUFF. (For archiving reasons).

Will be made into its own doc after the 27th

  • The Trials bug where if the same people leave against you twice in Trials, you will be given a loss. | fixed in 1.1.3

  • This month isn’t the last chance to earn the IB ornaments. You’ll be able to earn them in the next IB as well. (DMG, Twitter)

  • They know that the timers are disliked by a lot of players. (Cozmo, Reddit)

  • DMG will see if he can get some more Sandbox details from 1.1.4 in this week’s TWAB. (DMG, Forums)

  • Enemy damage also receives and increase if you amplify solar/arc/void damage through the card modifiers. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Rat King quest now requires a normal Nightfall completion. (DMG, Reddit)

  • Auras will be active for 14 days after meeting requirements (Going Flawless in Trials, for example) They'll still expire after an amount of time, but not at the following Reset. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The Rat King quest will not require prestige Nightfall after the changes. (DMG, Reddit)

  • The bonus threshold is what you need to beat to get the Aura and the Vanguard Token Buff

  • Saint’s helmet used to blind allies when guarding with the Sentinel Shield (DMG, Reddit)

  • You can only add modifiers once you have the Nightfall Challenge Card

  • Spicy Bois of the Colony not tracking targets in game if you play with 30+ FPS. On track for a future Hotfix. (Cozmo, Reddit) | fixed in 1.1.3

  • Tess selling Crimson Engrams (Cozmo, Reddit) [Fixed for now. Event is over]

  • Looking for Mayhem returning in Season 3.  Before season 3 according to the new roadmap.

  • The TWAB meant Winged Sun instead of Swift Strike. In air accuracy penalty will be removed when Winged Sun is active, not Swift Strike. (DMG, Reddit) 2