The Gambit Design team wanted to clear up some of the misconception around the Primeval Slayer buff. Here is their statement.

There appear to be some misconceptions about the “Primeval Slayer” buff in Gambit, particularly with how the leading team’s buff count affects the trailing team’s, so we’d like to take this opportunity to shed some light on it!

  • Our intent for the Primeval phase is that the team that summons first gains advantage.
  • The number of Primeval Slayer stacks held is unique to each team.
  • If one team is significantly advanced in their Primeval Slayer stacks, the team that is behind receives ‘bonus’ stacks when spawning their own Primeval. However, the number of bonus stacks received is always going to be less than the leading team’s current total. Think of it as a tow cable trailing behind the leading team.
  • There is a limit to the catch-up mechanic’s generosity. Even if the leading team is at Primeval Slayer x10, the lagging team will never start out with more than a few stacks when spawning their Primeval.

Our twin goals have been hitting the right balance between elasticity and competitiveness, and fostering close, dynamic games. Now that Gambit is out in the wild, we’re closely monitoring the conversation around the Primeval phase (and playing a ton of it ourselves).

Happy Hunting, The Gambit Design team (Reddit) (Forums)

  • Team has been made aware of the feedback about the spawn rate of the Malfeasance boss. (Reddit)
  • The bug where Riven's animation gives up and doesn't allow you to kill her (see source for details) is being tracked. (Reddit)
  • Cozmo will make sure that the bug where Fusion Rifle Scavenger doesn't work is being tracked. (Reddit)


  • On the rampant Weasel errors earlier:

Just a heads up to you all: looks like the root cause is when bounties end up in your postmaster and then expire. The support folks should be making a post soon in the Help section of the site to warn people, but as a heads up until this is fixed in the game side you can run into this if you let a bounty sit in your postmaster until it expires.

Unfortunately, I don't have a good workaround for those of you already experiencing this until the real fix goes live. We don't have a release window for when the fix will be allowed to be pushed live, it's still in the works and has to go through normal ceritification/release channels. Stay tuned with the Bungie Help folks to keep posted on updates to this issue!

I think that the unfortunate limitation - why there can't be a quick fix now and then a longer term fix later - is that in order to fix either of them, we need a patch. That'll mean that, because of the certification and other rigmarole around releasing patches, we'll probably end up doing both in one shot unfortunately.

If we could [change it so that those specific bountes won't drop] without having to patch content as well, that would be a great option! Unfortunately, it's not something we can do at this time without itself requiring a patch.

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  • The combined Valor & Glory progression is still there. You only see glory in the PGCR but Valor is happening behind the scenes too. (Twitter)


  • They're looking at an issue with the second damage bump not proc-ing with the Wish Ender. It's being looked at. (Twitter)


  • Thread with graphs can be found here.