• Telesto glitch isn't coming back. (Reddit)
  • Feedback regarding Breakthrough allowing players to inflate their stats (by various means, see source) has been passed along to the Crucible team. They will let you know when more info is available. (Reddit)
  • They'll take a look at the Whisper to see if its base damage has been unintentionally nerfed. (Reddit)
  • On claims that "Bungie tries to sneak something in (like a nerf to a weapon) and then claim it's a bug when they get caught":

One of our goals on the community team is to fix this sentiment.

We do not wish to slip in changes without informing the community. We don't look to spin intentional changes as bugs. Sometimes we miss patch notes, which isn't acceptable, and sometimes bugs are indeed shipped that have a negative impact on aspects of the game.

We're working with the dev team to strengthen the process and make sure we don't miss important changes. (Reddit)

  • Teams are looking at ways to get you more mods a bit more often. Will give info when available. (Reddit)
  • TWAB will have info about a certain meatball. (Twitter) and possibly something about the scout rifle bug, (Twitter)


It looks like [the Weasel fix] should be going live later this month - target date appears to be 10/16, but that depends on console cert and all the usual factors around deploying patches game-side. Sorry about the wait! Unfortunately we'll need that game-side fix before this will be resolved. (Reddit)

Hang tight, I know that's a long wait and I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing those of you already experiencing the problem.

Anyone not experiencing this issue yet, please make sure to clear all bounties out of your Postmaster before they expire: that will keep you clear of this situation! (Reddit)


Q. So I know that if I hit 2100 before the other steps it carries over. But does my progress in the steps before reaching fabled carry over if I don’t finish them this season? For example if I am at 45% solar kills does that carry over after this season ends? Thanks!

Yeah objective progress carries across seasons but the rank objectives do not. So if you’re on a rank step you need to complete it before the reset or you’re gonna have to get your rank up again. (Twitter) All rank objectives must be completed WITHIN the season. (Twitter)