On the Whisper issue mentioned yesterday:

Hey all,

Sandbox team gave me some clarification on this.

In the 2.0 patch notes, we specifically called out the following:

Developer Insight: The tuning of Destiny weapons and abilities is inexorably tied to the systems that we build upon. Ultimately our goal is to still provide gameplay challenge despite a global increase in player damage output due to the new systems introduced. To properly support the higher uptime of Shotguns, Snipers, and Fusions, the following changes were made to all weapons in the game.


Special Ammo Weapons

Reduced damage output of Special ammo weapons

The reduction in damage was also applied to Snipers/Shotguns that remained in the power slot, AKA D.A.R.C.I, Whisper, and Legend of Acrius. We summed up a major change that touched all Snipers/Shotguns/Fusions in a simple patch note, missing the edge case weapons in an alternate slot. We're recording this mishap to make sure it doesn't happen again in the future, if we have changes that touch all weapons of a specific type.

Since Forsaken and the reduction to damage on these weapons in particular, these weapons are still effective in the power slot against enemies in PvE and PvP. If you have any feedback in terms of their viability, please sound off and I'll pass it along! (Reddit)

  • Team is investigating the issue where certain mobs are broken (the Taken Fallen vandals that don't use bubbles anymore and Hive knights not using their shields, etc). No ETA yet. (Reddit) 2
  • Bugged Gambit clan engrams are being investigated. (Reddit)
  • They are aware that Guitar errors are occuring more frequently than normal. Team is investigating. (Reddit)
  • DMG believes that a fix is being cooked up for the Phoenix Protocol bug. No ETA yet. (Reddit)
  • Team is looking at potential solutions to the mod economy system. (Reddit)
  • Chaos Reach energy bug (see source) is a nasty bug that the team is looking into. They do not expect a fix to be ready for either 2.0.4 or 2.0.5. (Reddit)
  • Scout Rifle damage buff planned for 10/16. (Reddit)
  • Whisper not working well with Well of Radiance is a known issue. Should be addressed this month as well. (Twitter)

Q. Why was the decision made to make the gambit boss fix in a month? That’s just not good enough. Help us understand.

Fixes take time. We'd love to address things immediately, but we have to test. Imagine a world where the proposed fix that's currently under investigation was rushed into an earlier release, only to further reduce chances of the boss, or cause crashes of the game all together.

Gotta make sure our test teams have ample time to check all angles, and verify things are solid. (Twitter)


  • They are aware of the issue where people use Breakthrough to farm Luna's Howl kills. (Twitter)


TL;DR on Oct 30th Malfeasance Boss will spawn more often Quitter Penalties are re-enabled Sleeper gets less ammo, while Swords get more from Power Crates We're constantly looking at feedback and game data; expect changes to Gambit bounties, rewards and more in future updates.  (Twitter)

Q. What about picking up heavy ammo on the ground from PvE enemies? Does the +2 still apply, or do I still pickup 5-6? 4 from the crate wasn't bad, I think mostly everyone had issues with the amount you can get from PvE

Ammo from dropped bricks is unchanged. (Twitter)

Q. Wait does this change apply to crucible?

No, it does not. (Twitter)

  • AFK timeouts are enabled in Gambit. (Twitter)
  • With the changes it will be significantly easier to get the vanity items even though they are no longer guaranteed. (Twitter)
  • Boss spec Mods increase your damage against the Primeval. (Twitter)