• They're looking into the issue where Ophidian Aspect cancels out Nova Warp's range boost. (Reddit)
  • They're investigating the issue where the game won't let out back out of matchmaking in Crucible/Gambit. (Reddit)
  • They've temporarily removed Breakthrough from Competitive. Crucible team is working on a fix to prevent kill farming (among other issues) in this mode. Earliest this fix would go out is Update 2.0.5 at the end of the month. (Reddit)
  • The teams are well aware that players want quicker ways to acquire bounties. No ETA on when this could happen. (Reddit)
    • Edgar talks about grabbing bounties via the companion app here.
  • Team is looking into letting players hold more than 10 Ghost Fragments at a time. (Reddit)
    • Team is also aware of the feedback that players want to get a warning when a stack (like 10 Ghost Fragments) is full, and they're looking at potential solutions. (Reddit)
  • On communicating changes:

We had to challenge our thinking when approaching topics like these.

A year ago, we were pretty gun shy on talking about incoming changes, in that sometimes things don't pan out. Test could uncover a nasty bug from a proposed fix, or we could find that the fix could negatively impact an entire economy or sandbox system. We could even have other issues pop up with higher priority, pushing a bug or QOL fix out of scope for a release.

Moving forward, goal is to let you know more often about what's being worked on. We'll take the heat if a fix falls through, something gets delayed, or if an issue becomes an everlasting help article on with a workaround. (Reddit)

  • Current plan is to remove the timer for non-masterwork core exchanges at the Spider, allowing you to buy things quicker. (Reddit)
    • Stay tuned for patch notes, as things could potentially change in the course of development.
  • Exotics from 500 strikes dropping at Y1 LL cap is a known issue, and team is looking into it. It happens when players use a Vanguard Boon. (Reddit)
  • Xur will not be selling Forsaken exotics this week. They're passing along the feedback on Xur as it comes in. (Forums)
  • Scout Rifles will be receiving a PvE damage increase in Destiny Update 2.0.4, currently planned for 10/16. (Forums) Planned to be 15% increase.
  • They will look into bringing back the Nightfall scores (in the TWAB).

Will look into it. With 3 strikes per week, we may just highlight the top fireteam per strike per week, or just do a monthly roundup of all NF's. Gotta make sure the plan is sustainable. Doesn't seem like a ton of time or work, but it's time/work that would be used elsewhere.

On it potentially getting very old to see the same teams on top: We had a similar experience with Prison of Elders in Destiny 1. I applaud those who can take the top spot week over week, but the celebration does deteriorate over time when it's the same fireteam. (Twitter)