• They are looking into the issue where Warden's Law combines precision hits into one value, rendering its curated roll useless (see source). (Reddit)
  • The Festival of The Lost engrams will use the knock-out system. (Reddit) 2
  • The current state of exotic drops has nothing to do with the Korean version. (Forums)


  • All players of Destiny 2 may visit the Haunted Forest. It will be launched through a different node (not through Mercury.) - No DLC required. (Reddit)
  • Player Titles obscuring the name of the weapon you got killed by in PVP is a known issue. Stay tuned for patch notes. (Reddit)

Peter S.

  • They would love to add a scoreboard column for "Motes Denied", as in motes you made the other team drop when you invaded, but the available scoreboard space is maxed at 5 stats currently (imagine those headers in German and you can see why). If that ever changes, Motes Denied and Primeval Damage are stats they'd love to show. [They] had Motes Denied for a while in development, but swapped it for Guardians Defeated. Motes Denied is only relevant for an invader, while Guardians Defeated is relevant for all players (you can take out an invader as a defender). (Twitter)