• All players of Destiny 2 may visit the Haunted Forest. It will be launched through a different node (not through Mercury.) - No DLC required. (Reddit)
  • Player Titles obscuring the name of the weapon you got killed by in PVP is a known issue. Stay tuned for patch notes. (Reddit)
  • They're looking into the issue where Ophidian Aspect cancels out Nova Warp's range boost. (Reddit)
  • They're investigating the issue where the game won't let out back out of matchmaking in Crucible/Gambit. (Reddit)
  • They've temporarily removed Breakthrough from Competitive. Crucible team is working on a fix to prevent kill farming (among other issues) in this mode. Earliest this fix would go out is Update 2.0.5 at the end of the month. (Reddit)
  • The teams are well aware that players want quicker ways to acquire bounties. No ETA on when this could happen. (Reddit)
    • Edgar talks about grabbing bounties via the companion app here.
  • Team is looking into letting players hold more than 10 Ghost Fragments at a time. (Reddit)
    • Team is also aware of the feedback that players want to get a warning when a stack (like 10 Ghost Fragments) is full, and they're looking at potential solutions. (Reddit)
  • On communicating changes:

We had to challenge our thinking when approaching topics like these.

A year ago, we were pretty gun shy on talking about incoming changes, in that sometimes things don't pan out. Test could uncover a nasty bug from a proposed fix, or we could find that the fix could negatively impact an entire economy or sandbox system. We could even have other issues pop up with higher priority, pushing a bug or QOL fix out of scope for a release.

Moving forward, goal is to let you know more often about what's being worked on. We'll take the heat if a fix falls through, something gets delayed, or if an issue becomes an everlasting help article on with a workaround. (Reddit)

  • Current plan is to remove the timer for non-masterwork core exchanges at the Spider, allowing you to buy things quicker. (Reddit)
    • Stay tuned for patch notes, as things could potentially change in the course of development.
  • Exotics from 500 strikes dropping at Y1 LL cap is a known issue, and team is looking into it. It happens when players use a Vanguard Boon. (Reddit)
  • Xur will not be selling Forsaken exotics this week. They're passing along the feedback on Xur as it comes in. (Forums)
  • Scout Rifles will be receiving a PvE damage increase in Destiny Update 2.0.4, currently planned for 10/16. (Forums) Planned to be 15% increase.
  • They will look into bringing back the Nightfall scores (in the TWAB).

Will look into it. With 3 strikes per week, we may just highlight the top fireteam per strike per week, or just do a monthly roundup of all NF's. Gotta make sure the plan is sustainable. Doesn't seem like a ton of time or work, but it's time/work that would be used elsewhere.

On it potentially getting very old to see the same teams on top: We had a similar experience with Prison of Elders in Destiny 1. I applaud those who can take the top spot week over week, but the celebration does deteriorate over time when it's the same fireteam. (Twitter)


  • They are looking into the issue where Warden's Law combines precision hits into one value, rendering its curated roll useless (see source). (Reddit)
  • The Festival of The Lost engrams will use the knock-out system. (Reddit) 2
  • The current state of exotic drops has nothing to do with the Korean version. (Forums)
  • They have a fix for the Phoenix Protocol/Well Of Radiance issue in 2.0.4 that should address all of the problems listed with character buffs when you get in this state. (Reddit)
  • They've been gathering a lot of feedback about the best way to handle random rolls in Collections. (Reddit)
  • The Shader and Emblem are only for Veteran players. The emotes will be available at a later date for other players. (Reddit)
    • Exotic Emotes will be given to Veterans who recieve the package. Then they will be added to Eververse sometime in the future. (Twitter)
  • Buying Forsaken now will not give you DLC 1 and 2 retroactively. You need to wait until the 16th to have them included with Forsaken. (Reddit)
  • Team is aware of the feedback that players want to reset the raid from orbit (like in D1) and are looking into it. (Reddit)
  • UI ideas for Competitive PVP (see source) has been passed along to the team. (Reddit)
  • Feedback/science about heavy ammo finders not working properly when stacked has been forwarded to the team to investigate. (Reddit)

Peter S.

  • They would love to add a scoreboard column for "Motes Denied", as in motes you made the other team drop when you invaded, but the available scoreboard space is maxed at 5 stats currently (imagine those headers in German and you can see why). If that ever changes, Motes Denied and Primeval Damage are stats they'd love to show. [They] had Motes Denied for a while in development, but swapped it for Guardians Defeated. Motes Denied is only relevant for an invader, while Guardians Defeated is relevant for all players (you can take out an invader as a defender). (Twitter)