• Bug that prevents players from getting a Seed of Light is being tracked and they are currently working on it. (Reddit)


  • Some of the things that will be fixed in tomorrow's (15th Oct) patch:
    • (Cozmo) Strike playlist lockouts (where Zavala never gives you the quest to access the strikes playlist) (Reddit)
    • (Cozmo) Phoenix Protocol/Well Of Radiance bugs. (Reddit)
    • Minor bug fixes to Gambit, including Clan Engram and matchmaking time fixes. (There's currently an issue where the Gambit Clan Engram does not properly grant rewards. That'll be resolved tomorrow.) (Twitter)
      • (Changes to the Ascendant Primeval Servitor spawn rate in Gambit are currently planned for Destiny Update 2.0.5, which is planned for October 30.) (Twitter)
    • Aim assist for the Sleeper Simulant will be toned down tomorrow, and further changes to ammo acquired from heavy ammo bricks in Gambit are planned for 2.0.5. (Twitter)
    • Scout Rifle PVE damage fix. (Twitter)
    • Masterwork core changes are planned for 2.0.5. (Twitter)