• Some patch notes were missed, such as Lost Sectors showing names when you hover over them and tracking 3 things at once. (They are currently in game) (Reddit)
  • Framerate issues (and slow load times for UI) have not been addressed in 2.0.4 update. Teams are continuing to investigate. They'll give an update when they can. (Reddit)
  • Chaos Reach bug where the super doesn't return super energy if you stop it early is still under investigation. It's a nasty bug. Something to the tune of a potential fix sometimes giving back the entire super. (Reddit)
  • Guitar fix is under investigation. (Reddit)
  • The raid challenge not changing is a known issue. [DMG believes] this will be addressed on October 30th. (Twitter)
  • At the release of Forsaken, the aim assist of Linear Fusion Rifles was unintentionally turned down it seems. The aim assist bug returns them (not the Sleeper) back to their year 1 values. (Twitter)

Andrew W.

Regarding the Trace Rifle Mastery Crucible triumph: It has been removed for 2.0.4 but will return in a future update (after 2.0.5) with your previous progress added into a single value, and will require 100 final blows (down from 50 for each damage type).

The new objective requirement of 100 was chosen so if you have completed arc and solar but are unable to complete void, you will have already completed the triumph when it returns in that future update.

You no longer need to use specific damage types; the new version is for any trace rifle and will include your old progress. (Twitter)