• Players not being able to leave lobbies is a known issue and they are working on it. (Reddit)
  • They won't nerf rocket launchers. (Forums)
  • They are dramatically increasing the Ascendant Primeval Servitor (Meatball)'s spawn rate in next Tuesday's patch. (Forums)


  • While Edge Transit will forever live in their hearts, there are no current plans to create an emblem for this sacred weapon. (Forums)
  • Next week, Exotic rewards will be updated to favor items that you have not already acquired. Duplicates can and will still happen, but at a much lower rate. The team has also made a change to duplicate drops, in that they will favor armor over weapons. This will help those who are searching for specific perk sets now that armor offers random rolls. More in the TWAB. (Forums)
  • Feedback about letting players edit their Guardians has been passed along. (Forums)
  • Feedback about implementing a shooting range of sorts to test weapons has been passed along. (Forums)
  • Mayhem is currently offline as they fix a few issues that were introduced with Forsaken. Once they have more info, they'll let you know when to expect the mode to return (Forums)

On aimbots in the Crucible:

Hey all,

Our Game Security Team is always updating our monitoring tools in response to ever-changing attacks. We recently had a wave of bans and restrictions that targeted players using aimbots, and more punishments are incoming as soon as we double-check our results.

If you believe you have encountered a player who was breaking the Code of Conduct or license agreement, please report suspected cheating in-game. If you have additional evidence, such as a youtube video, you can submit it here:

Additionally, here’s a quick link to the restriction/banning policies article: 


  • All pinnacle weapon quests will persist across seasons. You will still need to hit legend for Not Forgotten. The quests will still be around as is next season. (Twitter)


  • Matchmaking in IB is done slightly different than Quickplay, and very different from Competitive. Light Level isn't taken into account when matchmaking. (Twitter)


On accusations that fan-made companion apps (for example, lowlidev's site) collect private data:

When 3rd parties use our OAuth mechanism, we require users who authenticate through it to read our terms of service. He doesn't get any of that sort of data: just the Destiny API and Bungie.Net membership data needed for his site to track your progress!  (Reddit)