• Feedback about letting players change intrinsic perk on armor akin to Y1 Masterworking (like change Mobile armor to Recovery or Heavy) has been passed along. (Reddit)


  • On how PSN name changes will impact Destiny: (Reddit)

Hey all,

Our test teams will be looking at this. We won’t have 100% answers until they’ve completed their work, but here’s what we’ve got right now:

  • We have confidence that Destiny 2 will not be impacted by any issues if players choose to change their name

    • This includes any legacy information from D1, like your emblems for being a veteran player
  • In terms of Destiny 1, we are looking at some edge-case scenarios that won’t impact the majority of players.

    • Potential issues may range from issues signing in to characters, failing to join friends, or various error codes in gameplay.
    • We do not know the exacts, and some of these issues may not be frequent or severe. We still need to test to verify.
  • may only have some oddities when attempting to search for player accounts or interacting with old PGCR data, but we need to test around this as well.

We’ll get you an update when we can, but we don’t have a firm ETA at this time.

  • They will look into if Lunafaction works as intended with Well of Radiance. (Reddit)
  • They don't comment on things related to raid reward odds. (Questions such as: Does using multiple ethereal keys in the final room of the raid increase your odds of receiving the One Thousand Voices? Or is each chest just a flat percentage? Is it guaranteed to be in at least one of the chests?) (Reddit)
  • They've heard the feedback about implementing cross-save and passed it along. No further info available. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to add bounties that require people to kill Primeval Envoy Wizards has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Suros Regime bug should be fixed. (Reddit)


Post October 30th, the Ascendant Primeval Servitor will have a greater chance to spawn every week, not just Week 3 Curse.

For Week 1 and 2 Curse, the spawn rate increase will be higher than the current Week 3 spawn rate.

Week 3 will still have the highest spawn rate for the Servitor, in a previous TWAB we announced that it will have almost the same spawn rate as any other Primeval. (Twitter)

Infamy Rewards from bounties will grant 2x / 3x the listed reward when completed. (Twitter)