• There doesn't appear to be any bugs with Cerberus +1. But he will pass along the feedback that ADSing should affect the spread more. (Reddit)
    • The team verified that Cerberus does not use full choke in any way. They also looked at it to see if anything else was causing a change and didn't find anything. (Reddit)
  • On the issue with 150 RPM Scout Rifles firing too slow:

We looked into the report of 150 RPM Scout Rifles not firing at their intended fire rate and confirmed there is an issue and they are firing slower than intended. We're working on a fix that should restore 150 RPM Scout Rifles to the proper fire rate. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. (Reddit) 2

  • Cozmo has been sending feedback about Crucible matchmaking to the team. (Reddit)
  • Request to make it so Nightfall strikes count toward the Strike Specialist triumph has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Will have the team take a look at respawn locations (such as infinite respawns in The Corrupted strike). (Reddit)
  • They're currently investigating the bug where Journal of The Reef Cryptarch disappears if your pursuits are full. (Twitter)


  • They're collecting reports of the Ascendant Primeval bug (where the enemy team gets a win if you defeat it) and passing along to the team. A change was made in Update 2.0.5 that should have prevented this from occurring, but it seems this bug is deeper than they first thought. (Reddit)