• Reddit thread for Forsaken feedback can be found here. The post can be found here.
  • Will pass along the feedback to up Acrius' damage against majors and ultras. (Reddit)
  • Will pass along the feedback to have more rewards for Triumphs and less Triumphs with 0 points. (Reddit)
  • Team is aware of the request to have a raid/dungeon reset button. (Reddit) They are looking into it.
  • Cozmo missed an edit to the damage resistance section in the TWAB"Lastly, differences in power levels between the Guardian and combatants, no matter how minor it may seem, play a large role in determining incoming damage, with Damage Resistances modifying that damage further."  (Reddit)
  • Feedback about step 1 of the Cryptarch quest has been passed along. (Reddit)


  • Working with the team to remove Breakthrough from Comp rotation. Stay tuned to @Bungie for announcements. (Reddit)
  • No promises on a timeframe for fix for the Chaos Reach bug, but it is indeed something that the team is working on. (Reddit)