• Heroic Resistance masterwork option was cut but dropped on a few pieces in that weird week between 2.0.0 and It's bugged and only has the Super damage Resistance. Feel free to dismantle or keep as a rare relic of the past. (Reddit)
  • They're making the request to update Year 1 gear heard. (Reddit)
  • On SRL:

SRL is an interesting one. I see people ask for it consistently, but also see others say they didn't like it and don't want us to spend time bringing it back. Personally I was never very good at it, but I did enjoy it. DeeJ loved it and it's the one thing in Destiny he could beat me at. ;) (Reddit)

  • Will ask the team if they can add some of the larger D1 maps into the game/make D2 maps larger. (Forums) 2
  • Slow loading screens is a known issue that's being worked on. (Forums)


  • Not being able to masterwork Festival of the Lost gear is a known issue. No ETA on a fix yet. (Reddit)
  • They aren't planning to hand out Artists Emblems frequently (such as for screenshots), they they felt that the emblem was a fitting reward for a very limited amount of winners for the Festival of the Lost contest. (Twitter) Sometimes, we feature artists for MOTW via speedpaintings. The MOTW emblem is granted as such. (Twitter)
  • Reddit thread about Breakthrough feedback can be found here. post can be found here.


  • Great thread about Destiny's raid design (Crota's End in particular) can be found here.