• Will pass the feedback about random reward drops and other things that require some RNG luck being a bad experience for players trying to unlock titles. (Reddit)


  • They are investigating the Fastidious Miser (Ascendant Chests) triumph being bugged. No specific timeframe yet. (Reddit)
  • They're working with the team to see what can be done about Hollowed Lair being persistent. (Reddit)
  • They will not be removing fanfiction from the Lore forum on the forums. (Forums)


  • On a solo queue playlist/breaking teams up feature so you won't go against same stack 5 times:

We enabled Match Recycling in Forsaken in a bunch of activities, Gambit included. Currently if you have a bad match, you’ll have to take yourself out of MM and re-enter. Good point about breaking up teams. Not sure the best way to do something like that, but we’ll discuss it. (Twitter)