• On feedback about how the most sought after rewards should be acquired:

We saw a lot of feedback in early D2 that there was no "Gjallarhorn moments" anymore and a lot of discussion of whether that was good or bad. Now that we have 1000 voices we're seeing some players have that ecstatic moment when they see it drop, but the complaints about going 10+ clears without it dropping are bubbling up again. We'll continue to monitor all of your feedback around how the most sought after rewards should be acquired.

I'll pass along the feedback about making future raid exotics being tied behind a quest [like Touch of Malice]. Let me know if you have any other thoughts. (Reddit)

  • The post about DDOSing wasn't removed. They'll continue to ban cheaters. They do issue device bans as well. You are free to make another post discussing this issue if you want to see it trending again. (Forums)
  • More on SRL:

It's always a mix of feedback when SRL is brought up. Some people loved it, others didn't like, some didn't mind it but want us to focus on other things. Feel free to share what you think below. I bring SRL up to the team regularly so fresh feedback is always great. (Forums)

  • Feedback to increase exotic drop rates more has been passed along. (Forums)


  • They are still investigating slow menu loading times. (Forums)