• Request to get rid of "Play 2 Competitive Matches" for new players has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • European distributors for the Bungie Store is something they definitely want to do in the future. (Twitter)
  • Cozmo has already sent feedback to the team regarding players who are frustrated they are relying on RNG luck to complete some of the more difficult accomplishments like earning Seals and Titles. (Forums)


  • On Oathkeeper:

Hey all,

Since the release of Forsaken, we’ve been fielding feedback concerning the Oathkeeper Exotic Gauntlets for Hunters. Primarily, players do not feel that the Adamantine Brace perk offers a significant change to bow charge times.
As such, we are removing “Bows charge faster” from the description of the perk in an upcoming update. This armor piece will continue to give a minor decrease to charge times, but will no longer be called out as an aspect of the exotic perk.

Moving forward, the focus of this exotic will be that players may hold bow charges indefinitely, with the benefit of Perfect Draw being applied to arrows fired, even after longer hold times.

We will continue to monitor this feedback as it comes in, so please continue to sound off with thoughts concerning the Oathkeeper Exotic! (Forums) (Reddit)

  • For Luna's Howl: You’ll have to reach Fabled in Season 5 if you don’t complete the quest step in Season 4. If you reach fabled, don't get to the quest step, and the season rolls to the next - you'll need to reach fabled again. (Reddit2


  • They’ll get started on talking about the next season very soon. (Twitter)

Chris A.

  • Top People™ at looking into the Harbinger’s Echo Exotic Sparrow is not unlocking for some eligible players. (Twitter)