• Request to get rid of "Play 2 Competitive Matches" for new players has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • European distributors for the Bungie Store is something they definitely want to do in the future. (Twitter)
  • Cozmo has already sent feedback to the team regarding players who are frustrated they are relying on RNG luck to complete some of the more difficult accomplishments like earning Seals and Titles. (Forums)
  • On feedback about how the most sought after rewards should be acquired:
  • We saw a lot of feedback in early D2 that there was no "Gjallarhorn moments" anymore and a lot of discussion of whether that was good or bad. Now that we have 1000 voices we're seeing some players have that ecstatic moment when they see it drop, but the complaints about going 10+ clears without it dropping are bubbling up again. We'll continue to monitor all of your feedback around how the most sought after rewards should be acquired.

    I'll pass along the feedback about making future raid exotics being tied behind a quest [like Touch of Malice]. Let me know if you have any other thoughts. (Reddit)

  • The post about DDOSing wasn't removed. They'll continue to ban cheaters. They do issue device bans as well. You are free to make another post discussing this issue if you want to see it trending again. (Forums)
  • More on SRL:
  • It's always a mix of feedback when SRL is brought up. Some people loved it, others didn't like, some didn't mind it but want us to focus on other things. Feel free to share what you think below. I bring SRL up to the team regularly so fresh feedback is always great. (Forums)

  • Feedback to increase exotic drop rates more has been passed along. (Forums)
  • Will pass the feedback about random reward drops and other things that require some RNG luck being a bad experience for players trying to unlock titles. (Reddit)
  • Heroic Resistance masterwork option was cut but dropped on a few pieces in that weird week between 2.0.0 and It's bugged and only has the Super damage Resistance. Feel free to dismantle or keep as a rare relic of the past. (Reddit)
  • They're making the request to update Year 1 gear heard. (Reddit)
  • On SRL:

SRL is an interesting one. I see people ask for it consistently, but also see others say they didn't like it and don't want us to spend time bringing it back. Personally I was never very good at it, but I did enjoy it. DeeJ loved it and it's the one thing in Destiny he could beat me at. ;) (Reddit)

  • Will ask the team if they can add some of the larger D1 maps into the game/make D2 maps larger. (Forums) 2
  • Slow loading screens is a known issue that's being worked on. (Forums)
  • The companion team are investigating companion apps showing incorrect prices for Masterworking. (Reddit)
  • They are investigating Guitar errors during Petra's Run. (Reddit)
  • They are looking into why Hollowed Lair has been the Nightfall 4 weeks in a row. (Twitter)
  • On DDOS-ing reports: (Forums)
  • ... We don't allow accusations that include player names to be posted publicly here on the forums because it leads to witch hunting, but you can report suspected cheaters using this form.

    We do issue bans and restrictions for a wide array of cheating including modification or interruption of Destiny 2 network traffic with intent to disrupt the experience of other players or to gain an advantage in the game.

    For more information on what constitutes cheating and how bans and restrictions work, you can visit our Restrictions and Banning Policies article.


  • Not being able to masterwork Festival of the Lost gear is a known issue. No ETA on a fix yet. (Reddit)
  • They aren't planning to hand out Artists Emblems frequently (such as for screenshots), they they felt that the emblem was a fitting reward for a very limited amount of winners for the Festival of the Lost contest. (Twitter) Sometimes, we feature artists for MOTW via speedpaintings. The MOTW emblem is granted as such. (Twitter)
  • Reddit thread about Breakthrough feedback can be found here. post can be found here.
  • Putting a Seed of Light in Heroic Blind Well is being looked into for a future update. (Reddit)
  • They are investigating the Fastidious Miser (Ascendant Chests) triumph being bugged. No specific timeframe yet. (Reddit)
  • They're working with the team to see what can be done about Hollowed Lair being persistent. (Reddit)
  • They will not be removing fanfiction from the Lore forum on the forums. (Forums)
  • They are still investigating slow menu loading times. (Forums)
  • On Oathkeeper:
  • Hey all,

    Since the release of Forsaken, we’ve been fielding feedback concerning the Oathkeeper Exotic Gauntlets for Hunters. Primarily, players do not feel that the Adamantine Brace perk offers a significant change to bow charge times.
    As such, we are removing “Bows charge faster” from the description of the perk in an upcoming update. This armor piece will continue to give a minor decrease to charge times, but will no longer be called out as an aspect of the exotic perk.

    Moving forward, the focus of this exotic will be that players may hold bow charges indefinitely, with the benefit of Perfect Draw being applied to arrows fired, even after longer hold times.

    We will continue to monitor this feedback as it comes in, so please continue to sound off with thoughts concerning the Oathkeeper Exotic! (Forums) (Reddit)

  • For Luna's Howl: You’ll have to reach Fabled in Season 5 if you don’t complete the quest step in Season 4. If you reach fabled, don't get to the quest step, and the season rolls to the next - you'll need to reach fabled again. (Reddit2


  • Great thread about Destiny's raid design (Crota's End in particular) can be found here.


  • The pinnacle weapon quests will live on as they are currently across seasons. They have no plans to re-introduce weapons the way they did with Broadsword. (Twitter)
  • & are the ones handling pinnacle weapon retweets now. (Twitter)


  • On a solo queue playlist/breaking teams up feature so you won't go against same stack 5 times:

We enabled Match Recycling in Forsaken in a bunch of activities, Gambit included. Currently if you have a bad match, you’ll have to take yourself out of MM and re-enter. Good point about breaking up teams. Not sure the best way to do something like that, but we’ll discuss it. (Twitter)


  • They’ll get started on talking about the next season very soon. (Twitter)

Chris A.

  • Top People™ at looking into the Harbinger’s Echo Exotic Sparrow is not unlocking for some eligible players. (Twitter)