Stream highlights (full transcript tomorrow):

  • Gambit will have a pinnacle weapon (on the level of Broadsword)
  • Networking lag makes adjusting mote pickup radius complicated.
  • They're looking into adding weapons and armor with Gambit specific perks.
  • Changes will be made to the catch-up mechanics in Gambit, to bounties, and rewards in next season.


  • On feedback collecting:

The Destiny Community is comprised of numerous players with various backgrounds.

When we collect feedback, we take it from, [Reddit], twitter, youtube, etc.

There is no singular source of feedback [for example, YouTubers] that we focus on. We also pair feedback with data that we collect on the backend, or information that we can gather from playtests. (Reddit)

  • On buffs to old subclasses:

Setting expectations: Won’t be in the season 5 update. While there will be tuning for Chaos Reach and Spectral Blades, there won’t be any major changes to other subclasses.

The team is aware of feedback, currently looking at when they can do a balance pass for the launch skilltrees.

Once we have a more solid plan in place, we’ll let you know. (Reddit)

  • On buffing the speed of pulling shaders from collections:

We’re looking into this. Collections are an entirely different beast, couldn’t change the acquisition time when we shipped the dismantle change. (Reddit)

  • Will be sure to pass along feedback that people want to see if action has been taken on a report you submitted (for example, a splash screen). "In the past, we've given confirmation to players when a report has translated to action. Sometimes, we've even acknowledged players who frequently used the tool." (Reddit)
  • No 2x Infamy is planned before November 27th (Twitter)
  • On bans:

Our Game Security Team issues an escalating series of enforcement actions twenty four hours per day, and we also issue some enforcement actions in big waves. We don't announce our enforcement actions because it gives cheaters information on how our detection works.

Since November 1st, we’ve issued enforcement actions to 1,120 players for violating our terms of service, including cheat programs, network manipulation, and DDoS. Our Game Security Team is always updating our monitoring tools to detect ever-changing attacks, and a human verifies every punishment before it is issued.

As always, if you believe to have encountered someone cheating, please use this contact form to report suspects accordingly. (Forums)