• You have to finish the five resets step in the Broadsword questline before the next season or you will have to do the resets again next season. (Reddit)
  • They are investigating the Malfeasance quest disappearing. (Reddit)


  • They are aware that "Lightning" is spelled wrong in the intrinsic perk of Thunderlord


  • Folks on the gameside are looking onto a solution for the Triumph notifications popping up when transferring items. No ETA. Keep an eye out here. See source for details as to why it happens. (Reddit)


Motes can seem difficult and inconsistent to pick up at times. Could the mote pickup area be increased?

Robbie: That’s an interesting question. It’s something that we’ve talked about on the team a lot, ‘cus we’ve seen a lot of feedback about it. The thing to consider with this is; the Motes themselves are actually what we call “networked”, which means we actually have to track if two or three players are trying to pick up the Mote at the same time. Basically, the way our tech works is: as soon as we detect someone is trying to pick this mote up so the first person we understand on our side – basically on the server side – that they have the mote they basically claim it, they’ve claimed authority over it. They just get it. Basically what that means is motes are subject to network latency, so that’s why sometimes you might watch one person kill a combatant, a mote flies in the air, it looks like it’s falling on that person, and then you get close to it but that other person picked it up. And you might get a little confused, like “Oh, why didn’t go away immediately?”, that’s just the latency of the game, there is a little bit of latency on that pickup time.

So, the thing that would happen if we increased the pickup radius is that you would run into a lot of situations where you thought that you were claiming that mote, but in fact another player actually did. It’s something that we’ve thought about, we’ve definitely playtested it a little bit, we found that in general it felt like players were stealing Motes right from under you more often than not. So that’s why we opted for a slighter tighter Mote pickup radius. It was also our original intention too that picking up motes is actually part of the gameplay loop, right? It’s not something that’s entirely free, it’s not something that you can just be face to face with a combatant and earn that mote immediately. You actually had to have friends helping you pick up, you had to be aware of them on your radar. It wasn’t an intentional design, but at the same time increasing that radius could have a lot of other negative effects. That’s why we’re not super comfortable with doing it at this time.


There’s actually a fun thing that players don’t know: you can actually throw motes with the Thousand Voices, so if you wanna troll your friends, you can use it that way.

DeeJ: No-no-no-no-NO! Nobody wants to troll anybody! Don’t! Disregard! Strike that from the record!

Will there be a pinnacle weapon for Gambit next season?

Greg: I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and it is a sight to behold. It is very pinnacle. It’s extremely pinnacle.

Deej: So there will be a pinnacle chase weapon on the same level of what you earn in the Crucible?

Greg: Maybe even further. Obviously, we tune every pinnacle weapon for the activity, so that it’s basically the best in that activity. So…

Deej: A counterpart to the Broadsword.

Greg: You’re gonna see it.

Deej: Cool. Thanks for keeping it vague.

Greg: Very vague!

Robbie: There is one other hint we can give. Malfeasance is very invader focused, you know, that’s half the game focus. There is a whole other half to Gambit… you fill in the blanks!

Lots of people ask this one; “I want Drifter backstory!” What is a rogue Lightbearer? Was he a former Guardian?

Fritzie: He’s rogue, but he’s like real old, from a time before the Vanguard and the City. He’s not really a Guardian in the term where Zavala would be like “He’s not a Guardian.”


Robbie: In Season of The Drifter, you’re going to see Gambit evolve, the Drifter’s backstory evolves, so that’s something we’re working on right now where we’re having a lot of fun building.

Can we please have weapons and armor that have Gambit specific perks?

Greg: We are definitely looking into such things, it’s something that will be ongoing. It’s a great idea.

Why does it feel like winning teams are punished if they spawn their Primeval first? Can you clarify how that works, and if there are any catch-up mechanics for losing teams?

[Post about catch-up mechanics can be found here]

Robbie: Okay. I know there’s been a lot of discussion around this so- I wanna make a couple things clear: our intention from a design perspective is that summoning first is the right choice, right? It’s something that you always want to do and it should be your goal during the motes phases, to get to primeval as fast as possible. There are no specific catch-up mechanics for a team that is behind that has to do with – trying describe this the best way – we don’t, like, buff the opposing team characters. We don’t do anything to that. There are two major catch up mechanics in the game.

One is: if you are more than 20 motes behind the other team, we will actually spawn what we call “catch up targets”, I think the internet has generally referred to them as “shiny bois”. So, when you’re more than 20 motes behind, the team will get a value target that you have to kill. It will despawn over time if you don’t kill it, so there’s still a gameplay loop there, it’s not just free.

The second major catch-up mechanic is during the Primeval phase. That’s basically if another team has summoned and that team is far ahead of you, and they’ve started building Primeval stacks – when you summon your Primeval second you will actually get a couple of stacks to catch up.

Now that is something we have playtested a lot, we’ve playtested in the lab a bunch, we’ve playtested lives a little bit differently, we’re watching everyone’s feedback to it… and it is something we’ve actually made some adjustments to for Season of the Forge. Right now in live we do see that teams who are behind seem to be getting a little bit too many catch up stacks when they summon second, and the leading team doesn’t have a big enough advantage if they’ve had the Primeval up for a while. So that is something we’ve made changes to, and we’ve playtested that internally, and you will see that change in Season of The Forge.

Our intentions are always that summoning first is the right answer, and you’ll feel that more after the update, especially if you’re ahead a lot.

Now, another thing to consider though is because of the way these stacks work, we’re still trying to make sure that the trailing team still has an opportunity to come back. When it comes to stacking, you’re generally not more than 20 or 30 seconds behind the leading team in terms of the number of stacks you are building over time. Again, we give you some bonus ones if you’re behind and the other team has had their Primeval up for – let’s say – a minute or so, but we are adjusting that. It will be harder to swing matches if you have summoned first during Season of The Forge.

We still believe in catch-up mechanics as part of the mode. We did a lot of playtesting where there were basically no “shiny bois” or anything like that, and what had happened is that a lot of teams would fall behind and just wanna set their controllers down and not even engage in the mode. We still believe in the catch up mechanic conceptually, but we are willing to make changes based on what we see happen live in the game.