• They are aware of the feedback on matchmaking, especially in Competitive. They are passing along all of this feedback to the team and making sure they stay informed on what the community is saying. (Reddit)
  • They can tell the difference between players quitting and getting DDOSed out of the game. (Twitter)


  • They're looking into the issue where the Chronicler seal will not be available until after the deadline to order the physical seals is already over. (Reddit)

Stream Part 2.

Q. What feedback have you guys gotten from the playerbase that will potentially tweak that design when it comes to Gambit?

Coolie Calihan: Well, the conversation about death drops is something that we're constantly having currently, But, I think Sleeper - interestingly enough - has had a big impact on how we think about map design. Those big long open sightlines sometimes are a lot of fun for snipers, but not so much fun for anyone else. If there are maps that maybe cater to a different playstyle, that's a nice way to balance the sandbox in a way they don't have to actually issue a nerf to the weapon, and it encourages people to bring different loadouts. Seeing what the meta is and trying to design spaces that either play to it or play against it is something that I think is really useful to have community involvement with and feedback on.

Q. What are the most important aspects of level design?

Coolie: I would say number one thing is offering good choices. A player should be able to understand what choice they're about to make as they move through the space. It should always have a couple choices available to them at any time. If we talk about PVP maps, that's what makes Rusted Lands so great. In any moment I feel like you can do two or three different things, and depending on your situation you might do something that throws your punt off or maybe do something unconventional. It's all about giving players good choices.

Robbie: When we were doing front design, especially when you're moving between the fronts, right? It's something that we focus on a lot, of like players having a golden path they can understand, but then also there are ninja routes they can take advantage of once they master the map.

Coolie: Especially on the Emerald Coast; some of the invader spots. You come in, there is almost like an invader main street, so to speak. It's the primary path, it's the biggest path, and it's right in front of you. A lot of invaders would kind of just go straight onto that path, and it's predictable, and you can kind of pick up on that. It's been fun to see people learn, "Oh you know what? They're going to expect me go down this path! I'm going to go down a different route!"

Q. Will there be more Gambit maps added, and what does the future of Gambit have in store?

Coolie: In Season of The Drifter, we're absolutely going to be exploring the backstory of Drifter and with that, of course, there will be new spaces in Destiny, new spaces in the world that will talk to him and you'll learn more about Drifter as you're exploring those spaces.

Robbie: I think what's exciting about that is that it's more than just Gambit. That's all I'll say.

Deej: There is plenty for us to say about that, and we have a conversation that will begin soon about these seasons. Because the seasons are really how we're going to prolong your Destiny hobby. The seasons are going to be how we extend the endgame across a year of play. Seasons are themed now, seasons are where we are adding new things to do. Telling those new systems are really leveraging those new systems, you know going in with the collectibles and the lore, it enables us to broaden your understanding of the world.

Robbie: For Season of The Forge you're gonna expect to get more Infamy points from Gambit bounties. That's a lot of feedback we've been receiving, that's something that we're doing. Also a lot of those objectives for these Gambit bounties have been re-tuned to be a little bit easier, so that they're a little bit more breezy to work through. We're also trying to touch a little more how often we can give you rewards for ranking up in Gambit. Those are all things you can expect to be just around the corner.