• They're looking into what will happen to raid challenges in the new season. Potentially no Rank 4 requirement. Will update when he knows more. (Reddit)
  • The division system in Gambit will be added to the Crucible next season. More info soon. (Twitter)
    • The division system is subdivisions to each bracket. Think of how there's the overall Mythic bracket, but 3 subdivisions in Infamy. Same coming to Crucible to help progression feel a bit better. (Twitter)
    • It will be both for Glory and Valor. (Twitter)
    • The points required to hit ranks in Valor and Glory are the same. Subdivision gives us more beats to acknowledge and reward you for making forward progress. No points from Bounties are planned at this time. (Twitter)
  • Hit DMG and Cozmo with your Crucible pinnacle weapon tweets. (Twitter)
  • On MOTW choosing process:

MOTW was created to celebrate moments from the community. This ranges from silliness in the crucible, to insane montages including sleek editing and custom created audio. Ultimately, we sort through community submissions and pick the ones we want to highlight.  That said, feedback taken. (Twitter)

We actually had some discussion about the Community Artist emblem that followed the same sort of feel - in-game screenshots felt to devalue the emblem to those creating physical art or even Cosplay. We want these to be accessible to any contribution that goes with the theme.

We could totally look for more videos - we don't need to restrict MOTW to two submissions. We can also be more conscious of videos recently posted with tons of effort and time. Either way, feedback is always appreciated :) (Twitter)

  • Stay tuned for news about Mayhem. (Forums)


Most of the performance improvements [in the Season 5 update] will only be seen on standard issue hard drives. SSDs definitely improve things universally for anything that has to do with loading data because they tend to have much better random access seek times, larger caches, and better overall throughput.

On the other hand, loading in PvP and Gambit should be generally better since load times are effectively synchronized to the slowest time to load. I'm really excited to see these improvements heading your way but I want to keep expectations in the cautiously optimistic range. :)  (Reddit)