• The division system in Gambit will be added to the Crucible next season. More info soon. (Twitter)
    • The division system is subdivisions to each bracket. Think of how there's the overall Mythic bracket, but 3 subdivisions in Infamy. Same coming to Crucible to help progression feel a bit better. (Twitter)
    • It will be both for Glory and Valor. (Twitter)
    • The points required to hit ranks in Valor and Glory are the same. Subdivision gives them more beats to acknowledge and reward you for making forward progress. No points from Bounties are planned at this time. (Twitter)
    • Kevin: "The total time to hit ranks has not changed. We subdivided the amounts we already had to better reflect and award progress." (Twitter)
      • Valor will not require wins to rank up ever. Valor is a measurement of commitment to the Crucible not performance. (Twitter)


  • Sandbox will take a look at Antaeus Wards to see if they are working as intended. (Reddit)
  • Feedback that bounties should be used to correct strategies and not just for another way to grind has been forwarded. (For example, it's annoying when you're trying to fin and someone is jumping around trying to get in-air kills) (Reddit)


  • Black Armory is a part of the Annual Pass and not sold separately. (Twitter)