• They're investigating the issue where the Synthoceps provides bonus damage to any gun if you're in a Well of Radiance and procs biotic enhancements, leading to interesting results in Gambit. (See source) (Reddit)
  • Will look into what's up with World's First belts. (Forums)


  • Looks like a fix for the Harbinger's Echo issue is planned for Hotfix 2.1.1. Release date TBD. Should be pretty quick after Season 5 update on 27th November. (Reddit)
  • Fix for Lunafaction Boots perk not lasting the entire duration of Well of Radiance is being slated for a future update. (Reddit)


  • If you reset your Valor 5 times this season but only get onto that stage of the Broadsword quest next season, it won't count. You have to get 5 resets on that step in the same season. (Twitter) Progress in non rank related objectives will stay. (Twitter)


  • Thunderlord should get unredacted on the 27th in the API. They can't unredact items without actually redeploying the static content files. (Reddit)