• They're adding in a way to complete the Meet An Emissary From Beyond trophy/achievement in next week's patch. (Reddit)
  • Raids come in many sizes. This new one will be larger than the lairs, but smaller than Last Wish. There will be a race for World's First. (Reddit)
  • They're looking into why backing out of a Gambit match during matchmaking counts as a penalty. (Reddit)
  • They are investigating a fix for the Morgeth encounter. See source for workaround. (Twitter) 2
  • Feedback on having OG Trials return has been passed along. (Forums)


  • Fix for the issue where win is given to the other Gambit team after you've killed your Primeval is planned for next Tuesday. (Reddit)
  • Many, if not all, of the new shaders are following the old dismantle speeds. Team is aware, looking into it! (Reddit)
  • Xur will continue to offer Year 1 exotics through Season of the Forge. They have plans to address this vendor in the future. (Twitter)


  • Sign-on and menu load times are still under investigation and won't be addressed next week. As they find ways to improve those experiences they will let you know through the weekly TWAB. (Reddit)


  • New power cap is 650. (Source)
  • Black Armory does not have a traditional campaign, its story will be told primarily through lore and triumphs. Ada-1 has plenty to share. (Source)
  • Lost Forges is a three-player activity, but it requires more coordination than EP. (see source for more details about Lost Forges) (Source)