• Bungie.net team is investigating site vulnerabilities. (Reddit) 2
  • Appropriate team is aware of the issue where heavy ammo spawns are where they shouldn't be in PVP. (Twitter)
  • They're adding in a way to complete the Meet An Emissary From Beyond trophy/achievement in next week's patch. in Update 2.1.1 (Reddit)
  • They're looking into why backing out of a Gambit match during matchmaking counts as a penalty. (Reddit)
  • They are investigating a fix for the Morgeth encounter. See source for workaround. (Twitter) 2
  • Harbinger's Echo fixed 4th December in Update 2.1.1 . (Reddit)
  • They're investigating the bug where Brakion gets confused and loses his gun. (Twitter)
  • Synthoceps/Well of Radiance bugs are fixed next week in Update 2.1.1 . (Reddit) 2
  • Regarding Gwisin Vest: Being able to lengthen duration of Spectral Blades without kills and perk failing to proc after 5 orbs generated is a known issue. Both planned to be addressed next week in Update 2.1.1 . (Reddit)
  • Fix for the issue where win is given to the other Gambit team after you've killed your Primeval is planned for next Tuesday in Update 2.1.1 . (Reddit)
  • Many, if not all, of the new shaders are following the old dismantle speeds. Team is aware, looking into it! (Reddit)
  • Reports of Marksman's Dodge not refreshing Memento Mori if you still have Mori bullets have been passed along to the appropriate team for investigation. (Reddit)
  • A fix for the duplicate perk issue will be released next week in Update 2.1.1 . Numerous perks don't stack. (Twitter)
  • Sign-on and menu load times are still under investigation and won't be addressed next week. As they find ways to improve those experiences they will let you know through the weekly TWAB. (Reddit)
  • On Chromatic Fire:

    We fixed an issue where enemies would explode twice when being defeated by a headshot. To compensate for a loss in damage, explosions caused by the Chromatic Fire perk will be buffed next week in Update 2.1.1 (Twitter)

    Hey all,

    There was a slight miscommunication on our end. Here's what's going on:

    There was an issue where Chromatic Fire would proc twice when defeating enemies with headshots. This could lead to some nasty bugs, so it needed to be addressed.

    Alongside this fix, there was a planned change to increase the damage to keep functionality in line.

    It looks like the fix for the perk shipped in Update 2.1.0, but the damage increase will go live next week with Update 2.1.1.

    Apologies for the missed patch note. We'll update what we have live now. (Forums)


  • Faction Rallies will not return during Season of the Forge. (Reddit)
  • Trials is not part of the announcement. It will not make its comeback during Season of the Forge. The team is still working on a plan to restore this experience in a way that lives up to your expectations. Cozmo will share more information with you as soon as they have it. (Reddit)
  • You don't need the Annual Pass to earn the Season of the Forge pinnacle weapons. You do need Forsaken to earn the Gambit one. (Twitter)
  • Raids come in many sizes. This new one will be larger than the lairs, but smaller than Last Wish. There will be a race for World's First. (Reddit)
  • Feedback on having OG Trials return has been passed along. (Forums)
  • On balancing:

I'm currently working with the Sandbox team on an update of what they have planned for future updates. Hoping to have it out next week and answer some of your questions regarding Nova Warp, Telesto, One Eyed Mask etc.

[Dylan] and I met with the team responsible for Matchmaking this week to go over the communities feedback. They are currently investigating matchmaking data, reviewing the communities feedback, and working on some possible adjustments. As soon as we have an update for you I will post it.

We are also looking into the amount of Heavy ammo available in Crucible. No decisions have been made yet but we will update you when we can.

Reddit OP: "Shotguns are really prevalent, adding and encouraging a 1 hit nade launcher to dominate PvP is absolutely not the answer to shotguns. Sidearms SMGs and fusions are. Maybe take a look at them?"

We did just buff the range on SMGs. Give them a try and let us know if that makes them more viable against Shotguns. What kind of changes to fusions would you like to see?

Please feel free to leave additional feedback here. I know there is already a lot out there, but fresh takes never hurt. Would love to hear from some of the hardcore who have already earned some of the pinnacle weapons on how they are performing. Thanks. (Reddit)

  • They do consider differences in the platforms when they make changes. (Reddit)
  • Feedback has been given to the team about the communities frustration with Xur. They'll let us know as soon as new info is available. (Reddit)
  • Will talk to Sandbox about Titan Skating. (Reddit)
  • Will pass along feedback about reducing invader advantages. (Reddit)
  • On claims that feedback is only taken from high skill players and streamers:

I mean every player who takes the time to post either [Reddit] or on Bungie.net. Every player who tweets at me, or stops me at an event to let me know which subclass they want buffed or weapon brought back. I obviously can't read every single thing, but I try to drink from the firehose often. (Reddit)

  • Adding Factions back (not Rallies) has been brought up to the team. (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know in a meeting that RNG cosmetics and Braytech weapons being tied to Titles are causing a lot of frustration in the community. (Forums)


  • Discussions about Heavy in comp are being had currently. Update when possible. Funky heavy spawns will be fixed and feedback over spawn cadence will be addressed. (Reddit)
  • Patch notes have been fixed. "Fixed an issue where Nightfall unique rewards were not dropping at the rate intended for non-Forsaken owners". There was an issue where non-forsaken players were not receiving Nightfall Unique rewards at the intended rate. There was no "Pay-to-win" intention, rather a nasty bug that they have now fixed. (Reddit)
  • Breakthrough should no longer appear in Competitive Crucible. Please sound off if you encounter the mode again. (Twitter)
  • Reset button is aimed for next week. (Twitter)
  • Missed patch note: Fixed an issue where Weekly Raid Challenge Bounties were only available for 24 hours after reset. (Twitter)
  • If you get the annual pass after Black Armory release you will get access to Black Armory. (Twitter)
  • Xur will continue to offer Year 1 exotics through Season of the Forge. They have plans to address this vendor in the future. (Twitter)


On the raid:

This next Raid is something that takes place in a brand new setting. It’s a place you’ve never been able to explore and fight. And we’re sending you in head first to confront the biggest challenges and earn the best rewards that we have in the game. Raids come in different shapes and sizes. What you’ll be playing will be much larger than a Raid Lair, [but] not as large in scope and size as Last Wish, which was the biggest Raid we’ve ever created. It’s an activity that we feel is deserving of the word Raid, especially because it happens in a completely new location. (PS Lifestyle)


  • New power cap is 650. (Source)
  • Black Armory does not have a traditional campaign, its story will be told primarily through lore and triumphs. Ada-1 has plenty to share. (Source)
  • Lost Forges is a three-player activity, but it requires more coordination than EP. (see source for more details about Lost Forges) (Source)