Patch notes.


  • Feedback about requests for changes to One Eyed Mask have been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Weird heavy spawns in Crucible are being looked into. (Twitter)
  • Guitar error in Last Wish is still being investigated. (Twitter)
  • Still no SBMM in QP. (Twitter)


  • On change to masterworking: "When masterworking your weapons, stat bars reflect the change. For fusion rifles, the stat bar was not properly updating for any change in charge time. Like Accelerated Coils, a decrease in charge time also results in a decrease for damage. This has now been fixed. I'm currently collecting feedback on this, and passing along to the team." (Reddit) 2
  • Currently plan is to fully resolve the full Harbinger's Echo issue on 12/18. Sparrow should be delivered to your inventory, and become available in collections. (Reddit) Update will prevented players from entering a state where they cannot earn the sparrow when cracking eggs on alt characters. Update 2.1.3 (Planned for 12/18) will fix those who are currently unable to earn the sparrow. (Twitter)
  • Shattered Throne checkpoint reset is currently under investigation. As the activity is launched from a totem in-world, the work to make this happen is different than the director changes. (Reddit) 2
  • Heavy Ammo for Competitive will be tuned in a future update. More details to come later this week. (Reddit)
    • One Eyed Mask and Nova Warp fall under the realm of Sandbox. They're currently passing along the feedback and looking to get some info for you when available. (Reddit) See more here.


  • Companion app: You can now invite people to your fireteam on PC without having to add them. Functionality to automatically send invites from the companion app won't be soon. (Reddit)