• Veteran Rewards are scheduled for the 18th. (Reddit)
  • Issue where the API won't report clash/control matches has been sent to the BungieNet team to investigate. (Reddit)
  • Localization team will review a mishap regarding Viadon's name in other languages. (Reddit)
  • They know that seeing the first Forge so far out of reach was a poor experience and they're investigating changes to help you get there. (Twitter)


  • The changes made yesterday to the Forge were server side. The Harbinger's Echo fix required content changes for their game client, which must be tested and verified, then shipped. They're looking for more opportunities in development to have server-side fixes available in the case that something goes wrong, but some issues will always require more time to address. (Reddit)
  • Avalanche (Dawning Machine Gun) will drop at your characters power, as you'll be receiving multiple throughout the event with random rolls. There will be Weekly bounties that provide a powerful reward, but no 650 drop this soon after the overall power increase. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to make it so that Lord of Wolves perk doesn't work against it has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • On loading times:

I'll check to see if I can a status update on performance updates. Can't rush changes out, as we don't want to ship an issue that further increases the load times. That's a world that none of us want to live in.

This stuff can be tricky, but know we have some folks dedicated to improving this experience. (Reddit)

  • Regarding Blind Well Matchmaking:

Teams are investigating. Current workarounds as follows:

  • Walk very slow. If you're having trouble, crouch
  • Hug the RIGHT wall when you're going through the hallways. Don't hang left

Pardon our dust. Will provide updates when possible.

Trust me, we don't like making you jump through hoops. Teams are dedicated to improving this experience. May take some time to address depending on how nasty this bug is, but we'll keep you updated. (Twitter)


  • They are working on solving the problem where people sell services via the Destiny app (for example, paid Forge carries). (Reddit)