• Will let the team know that players like possible roll previews in Collections (such as here). (Reddit)
  • On 1000 Voices:

It's always been bugged on PC and firing more damage events than intended. If you have feedback that the weapon should have higher damage, let us know and we will pass it along to the team. (Reddit)

I didn't mean to imply that I had not seen feedback about 1000 voices. I'm just letting players know that I will continue to give their feedback to the team responsible for tuning the weapon's damage. (Reddit)

  • Feedback to remove the requirement to go to Ada once you've finished crafting a frame has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • The One Thousand Voices fix was pushed live. Cozmo will continue to pass along feedback that the community would like the damage increased. (Reddit)
  • The team is aware of the huge amount of feedback from the community on making Y1 armor and weapons have random perks. (Reddit)
  • The knife flipping emote is intended to loop. Appropriate teams are looking into it. (Reddit) 2 3
  • Non-Dawning Sparrow models in Dawning engrams are a bug. The team is working on a fix. (Reddit)
  • Will compile a list of QoL requests to take to the team. So far:
    • Make more pursuits account wide
    • Obtain Bounties from Orbit(API)
    • Auto Dismantle option for Blues/Greens
    • Reduce Trips to Ada-1
      • Letting players fly into the Forges. (Forums)
    • Make Xûr sell Y2 Exotics
    • Doing away with matching Supers for Weekly Vanguard. (Forums)
    • "Please continue to add to this. My quick list (That is in no way is meant to be all inclusive) is in no particular order but it also helps if you prioritize things. Let us know what QOL changes you think are most important, and what would be "nice to haves."" (Reddit)
  • More on Quitter Penalties:
  • Quitter penalties are different than bans/restrictions, they are just a 30 minute timeout from matchmaking.

    The new "network health" detections, on the other hand, look at your connection quality over a long period of time (multiple days) and are specifically looking for players who have a significant negative impact on others due to their poor connection. (Reddit) 2

    • As soon as Bungie has news on when the 24 Hour SoTP emblem will be granted they will let you know. (Reddit)


  • Feedback to remove "Random perks: this item cannot be reacquired from Collections" and restore flavor texts has been passed along. (Reddit)

... learned throughout Destiny 1 and 2, we now ensure that any item in danger of being lost (or unable of being reclaimed easily) has appropriate warnings in tool-tips.

In terms of believing "This isn't saving anyone, they don't read it" - you could say the same about flavortext! Doesn't mean it's true, though :)

  • Mayhem will continue as a weekly featured playlist from time to time. (Reddit)
  • Will pass along feedback about making 1 kill in PVP a requirement to receive rewards. (Twitter)
  • Solo players, hit DMG with your thoughts.
  • They are expecting Heavy Ammo changes for Competitive Crucible to be released in January. (Twitter)
  • Can confirm that Le Monarque drop rates are working as intended, no issues being investigated. (Twitter)


As the third Lost Forge opens, here is some real-world context:

In Japanese mythology, Izanami no mikoto (Japanese: "she who invites") is a goddess of both creation and death...