Destiny 2 Known Issues.


  • They are investigating player reports regarding the Black Armory Key Mold only becoming available on the first character it is received on. (Twitter)


  • On Niobe Labs feedback

We are monitoring closely. This a new activity we haven’t done before. Please continue to give us feedback on what you like about, what you don’t like about, and how you would like to see secrets/puzzles implemented in the future. (Reddit) 2 3

Please continue to tell us what you liked, what you didn't like, and what you think should be changed for future releases. But yes, there is never a need to personally insult the people working hard to build content for the game. Thanks for playing and keep letting us know how we can do better. (Reddit)

  • Feedback about the checkpoints in Niobe Labs, and main activities of a DLC being locked behind it has been heard. (Reddit) 2
  • They have continued to give the team player feedback about RNG affecting title acquisition. 2
  • Feedback is being collected to send to the team about both the requirement of the rare bounty and having to possibly wait until shattered throne is available again for a quest. Please leave your thoughts here on these issues and any other things you like/don't like about the quest. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Factions has been forwarded.

From what I have read the community would rather have faction vendors be available all of the time rather than only during Faction Rallies events. I have seen some feedback about having vendors available all of the time but still having special Faction Rallies events on top of that as well. Let me know what you think. (Forums)

  • Specifics on old subclass changes soon. (Forums)
  • Feedback that people want the cap on Modulus Reports removed has been passed along. (Forums)