Destiny 2 Black Armory Known Issues.


  • They will investigate Ada deleting Powerful frames from her inventory. (Reddit)
  • Restoring accounts/data to a previous state (for example, after item or character deletion) is not something that they do. (Twitter)
  • They are working on a fix for the issue where players don't receive Enhancement Cores when hitting Legend in Crucible. (Forums)
  • Nightfall rotation is random, but feedback has been passed along that players are unhappy with the recent rolls. (Forums)
  • Feedback to bring back Glass Needles has been passed along. (Forums)
  • You will be able to complete the steps for The Draw at your own pace and won't have to wait on any resets. (Reddit)
  • "The Drifter has been tinkering with a way to get more access to the Anomaly on Io. He says he's getting close... " (Reddit)
  • Reports of exploits in Lockdown have been sent to the team to be investigated. (Forums)
  • They have Sandbox changes planned for later this month.They'll get more details on what the details are soon. You can read about what some of the goals they have for this update and future sandbox updates here.
  • On Niobe Labs feedback

We are monitoring closely. This a new activity we haven’t done before. Please continue to give us feedback on what you like about, what you don’t like about, and how you would like to see secrets/puzzles implemented in the future. (Reddit) 2 3

Please continue to tell us what you liked, what you didn't like, and what you think should be changed for future releases. But yes, there is never a need to personally insult the people working hard to build content for the game. Thanks for playing and keep letting us know how we can do better. (Reddit)

  • Feedback about the checkpoints in Niobe Labs, and main activities of a DLC being locked behind it has been heard. (Reddit) 2
  • They have continued to give the team player feedback about RNG affecting title acquisition. 2
  • Feedback is being collected to send to the team about both the requirement of the rare bounty and having to possibly wait until shattered throne is available again for a quest. Please leave your thoughts here on these issues and any other things you like/don't like about the quest. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Factions has been forwarded.

From what I have read the community would rather have faction vendors be available all of the time rather than only during Faction Rallies events. I have seen some feedback about having vendors available all of the time but still having special Faction Rallies events on top of that as well. Let me know what you think. (Forums)

  • Specifics on old subclass changes soon. (Forums)
  • Feedback that people want the cap on Modulus Reports removed has been passed along. (Forums)


  • Feedback that players would like to see Iron Banner armor pieces roll with enhanced perks has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to make visibility of what you're trying to kill better while using Chaos Reach has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Will get a bug filed on Crucible Augmented Frames dropping Redrix Broadsword, as Broadsword can't drop with the second perk option, rendering it useless. (Reddit)
  • They've been collecting feedback surrounding Comp matchmaking. (Reddit)
  • Black Armory forge weapons pretending to be a Tier 10 Masterwork when your inventory is full is a known issue they're tracking. (Reddit)
  • They have confirmed that the Dragonfly Spec mod works as intended on a test build. (The mod gives an increase to both damage and blast radius.) They have noticed, however, that or other networking issues can prevent the perk from working correctly. More info will be provided when possible. (Reddit) 2
    • Latency can prevent increases to BOTH damage and blast radius from being applied. No timeframe for fix, but the bug has been filed and will be investigated. (Reddit)
  • They've passed along feedback about Triumphs and their respective rewards (like some awarding 0 points). (Reddit)
  • Player Support has filed a bug on Calculated Trajectory Medals in Iron Banner. As the playlist has unique medals now, this cannot be earned properly. Kills and Rapid Kills are properly counted. (Reddit)
  • No TWAB til next week. Player Support update later today. (Twitter)
  • On why Hawthorne's clan engrams don't drop activity specific items: Clan Engrams granted activity rewards from the Raid at launch. This was changed due to player feedback that there was no incentive to complete raid activities when clan engrams could grant all rewards. In other words, this directly gives incentive to complete those activities. (Twitter)
  • They're investigating the issue where fully masterworked Stryker causes the Surrounded perk to stop working. (Twitter)
  • Appropriate teams are looking into Ballistics Logs on reset getting deleted and the feedback about it. More details next week. (Forums)
  • Fix for Like a Diamond is tentatively planned for end of the month. (Reddit)
    • Will look into if it will be rewarded retroactively. (Reddit)
  • On Guitar:
  • Hey all,

    This issue is still under investigation. Progress has been made in identifying potential causes for Guitar errors, but we must test around proposed fixes in order to verify. It's a nasty bug, and we want to ensure that any changes we make don't cause other issues that would endanger your Flawless attempts.

    We do not have a specific timeframe in which this will be resolved, but I'll keep tabs on this to provide updates when possible. (Reddit)

    ( It's got a very "D1 Heavy Ammo bug" feel to it. )

    • On Nightfall rotations:

    We've heard feedback over Nightfalls over the last few weeks, and passed it along.

    When there are incredibly poor streaks where specific strikes do not appear for lengthy periods of time, we can tinker.

    Do not expect this to be a weekly experience. (Reddit)

    Intent was to properly set expectations. We're aware of the feedback on our current system. I do not have specifics on when this could potentially be addressed, as it takes development time and testing to ensure no issues arise.

    In the mean time, we have the ability to adjust if needed - but this won't be something we do in reactions to requests for specific strikes to appear. (Reddit)