• On if Ammo Finder perks work or not:

Yes we just checked again. They looked into it and confirmed there was no bugs in the content.

Ammo Finder perks have a slight effect on the scale, enough to influence the outcome, but not so much that it throws ammo economy out the door.

We have given feedback that based off previous threads, players don't feel like these perks are impactful enough. The dev team is currently investigating possible changes.

I'm just confirming there is no actual bug in the content, not that the complaints are invalid and the perk shouldn't be improved. (Reddit)

  • Quick Access Sling not being equippable on Mountaintop is a bug, and a fix is being worked on. (Reddit)
  • Season of The Drifter does not start with 2.1.4. (Reddit)


  • Team is finalizing plans to address raid key hoarding. More info next week. (Twitter) 2
    • For info about the bounty rewards and associated hoarding, see TWAB.