• On Season of The Drifter:

I'm not going to reveal anything today. But I will say that while the Season of the Drifter is themed around that shady character who introduced you to Gambit, he will be asking you to do more than just play Gambit next season. (Reddit)

  • Will give feedback that players would like to see Nova Warp's damage buffed in PVE. (Reddit)
  • Overleveling (in regards of Power) caps at 50 over. Some activities may differ from this. Gambit normalizes all PVE. (Reddit)
  • On Guitar error fix:

...we are trying to get this one out as soon as we can, but it's been a real pain. It's got a very "D1 Heavy Ammo bug" feel to it. (Reddit)

  • On having Hard Light remember the player's element on death:

We want it to work that way as well. There was a technical limitation preventing it but a change that gets around that is being investigated. No promises yet, but we are aware of the feedback. (Reddit)

  • There is still no SBMM. (Reddit)
  • Looks like the "Like a Diamond" triumph is being fixed in 2.1.4 next week. (Will be confirmed in TWAB). (Reddit)
  • On Enhancement Cores:

I have continued to present to the dev team that a large portion of the community has given feedback that they would like to have Enhancement core costs removed from infusion. I'll continue to present your feedback within the studio. So far, there are no plans to remove the cost. Please continue to give your feedback and I'll let you know if anything changes. (Forums)

Enhancement Cores not dropping from Valor and Glory Legend rank is a bug. Good news is we are fixing that next week in 2.1.4 on 1/29/19. As far as adding more sources for Enhancement Cores to things like Raids, Nightfalls, and Infamy, I will pass that feedback along to the dev team. Thanks for sharing your suggestion. (Forums)

On accusations that posts about enhancement cores are being removed:

We're not removing anything unless it's also breaking the Code of Conduct. You are free to post as much feedback here as you like. Currently, Moderators are moving feedback posts here from the Destiny 2 forum. We have a forum change going out next week you can read about here that will combine the two boards. (Forums)

  • On if Ammo Finder perks work or not:

Yes we just checked again. They looked into it and confirmed there was no bugs in the content.

Ammo Finder perks have a slight effect on the scale, enough to influence the outcome, but not so much that it throws ammo economy out the door.

We have given feedback that based off previous threads, players don't feel like these perks are impactful enough. The dev team is currently investigating possible changes.

I'm just confirming there is no actual bug in the content, not that the complaints are invalid and the perk shouldn't be improved. (Reddit)

  • Quick Access Sling not being equippable on Mountaintop is a bug, and a fix is being worked on. (Reddit)
  • Season of The Drifter does not start with 2.1.4. (Reddit)


  • Infinite Golden Gun will be fixed alongside the Golden Gun changes. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Izanagi's Burden quest has been passed along, specifically about the Rare Bounty requirement. "Don’t know if anything will be done for this one, but the feedback will be used to inform future quests." (Twitter)
  • Further info on Competitive Matchmaking Update:

Today, we have adjusted matchmaking settings in Competitive Crucible.

Matchmaking parameters have been changed so that the opponents you find in Competitive matchmaking will be closer to your Glory rank. While the imbalanced match can still happen, we believe this change will reduce the number of occurrences dramatically. Players may experience longer matchmaking times as we will try to ensure a good Glory rank match before opening up the search criteria.

Thank you so much for your feedback, and please keep it coming. We’re always improving the game and your feedback helps steer the conversation. (Forums)

  • Team is finalizing plans to address raid key hoarding. More info next week. (Twitter) 2
    • For info about the bounty rewards and associated hoarding, see TWAB.