• More on RNG requirements on titles and their plans:

The team has heard clearly the feedback around RNG requirements for titles, and we are investigating the drop rates for items players are having a hard time acquiring. No promises on changing anything yet, but it’s being looked at.

We're also evaluating the possibility of delaying the Bungie Rewards deadline on pins that are heavily impacted by RNG. (Reddit)

  • They're still working on a fix for Forged in Fire. (Reddit)
  • Like a Diamond will be fixed in 2.1.4, but it will not retroactively grant for any past completions. The team is currently investigating if they can do a future update to retroactively grant it for players that completed it before 2.1.4. (Reddit)
  • It's made difficult to interact with multiplayer emotes (high five, fist bump, etc) by design. They want to make sure you can't troll others by standing in front of other interacts and preventing their use. (Twitter)
  • Celestial Nighthawk exploit will be fixed in 2.1.4. (Twitter)


  • Give them your thoughts about snipers here, or here, or here.
  • On Scout Rifle buffs and numbers in patch notes:

Tomorrow, we'll be getting a little more granular with Sandbox patchnotes.

In the past, we've kept things a bit vague to get players more involved in trying out the changes. What some of you understand (base damage values, current viability, etc) isn't common knowledge to the majority of the playerbase. Additionally, some changes are much more noticeable than the differences presented in a patch note. When players see a 5% change, it seems fairly small - but that minor difference could shake things up for players looking to dust off an old favorite. While we still have some concerns over this, tomorrow we'll be offering more numbers for you to chew on.

Sometimes a number doesn't represent the feeling in-game. A seemingly small change could turn an interesting discovery in-game into outright rejection based simply on the patch note itself. (Twitter)

To set expectations, this doesn't mean that every single patch note will have an accompanying value. Some of the changes can be more complex than a single number, or it's a change behind the scenes that simply makes things more consistent.

Now, to get to the topic at hand, here's a quick preview of Scout Rifle changes that you'll see in the patch notes tomorrow.

Scout Rifles

  • Increased base damage on Lightweight Scout Rifles by 5%
  • Increased base damage on Rapid Fire Scout Rifles by 6%
  • Increased all Scout Rifle PvE damage by 10% (Reddit)
  • On nuking raid keys as a solution:

Issue here is that people went through raids for these keys. Nuking them from inventory isn’t the best feeling. In any case, team is investigating possible solutions and we’ll let y’all know what the plan is ASAP. (Twitter)

Lars. and Robbie.

  • Talks about Gambit tweaks for Season of The Drifter and cut ideas for Gambit here.
  • High Value Targets have a random chance to spawn in rounds 2 and 3. They spawn for both teams simultaneously so there is equal opportunity to hunt them down. (Twitter)