• The CMs have made the team aware of the community frustration around AFK players not pulling their own weight. It's something currently being investigated. (Reddit)
  • One Eyed Mask is being looked at, with tuning in mind for a future update. (Reddit) 2
  • Whispers on Io are now 7 days a week. (Reddit)
  • Like A Diamond is not currently retroactive. They are investigating if they can do a grant to players who have already completed it in the past. (Twitter)
  • Last Draw is available to those with an Annual Pass. (Twitter)


  • Bizarre series of updates on Xbox is related to some updates to localization packages. (Reddit)
  • In the future, Powerful Bounties will not be removed from your inventory. They will be capped. You can still get rolls on weapons/armor that you may be hunting for, or at the very least some materials. (Twitter)