• The Draw bug (mentioned in the TWAB) is an intermittent bug in the final step. You don't have to do the whole thing again - just the last bit. They're investigating. (Reddit)
    • They've also heard reports that waiting a bit before dropping into the hole prevented players from hitting this bug, but they haven't confirmed anything yet. (Reddit)
  • No current plans to remove any tokens on season change. They'll let you know if anything changes. (Reddit)
  • Feedback on console vs PC recoil on the last word has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • Feedback about Warlocks being weak has been passed along. (Forums)
  • Will let the team know to keep players' dislike of loss mechanics in quests in mind for future quests. (Forums)


  • Raid Challenge Bounties will be separate from the weekly bounties offered by Hawthorne. (Reddit) 2
  • They're looking to address Radiolaria and Ether not dropping ASAP. (Reddit)
  • Last Word ornament is currently exclusive to Prismatic Matrix, will be added to Bright Engrams in future. (Twitter)
  • They're passing along the feedback that it's sometimes frustrating to players having to return to the tower multiple times between quest steps that don't take much time. Don't know if this will be changed for the weapon frames, but can be used to inform future quest creations. (Forums)
  • There are currently no plans to remove enhancement cores from infusion. If there are any changes to this economy, they will let you know. (Forums)
  • The team is aware of feedback on RNG requirements for Titles. They are currently working with the Bungie Store team concerning dates for pins behind these seals. They'll provide more information when possible. (Forums)
  • More on "post deletion":

With the recent re-organization of the forums, some feedback items are currently only visible under All-Topics or player post history.

Moving forward, all new Feedback will be visible under the Destiny 2 forum. If a player breaks the Code of Conduct, their post is subject to moderation, which may result in the post being removed.

We do not delete posts simply for negative feedback. If anything, we'd rather be aware of critical feedback that could help improve the game. (Forums)