• They are investigating issues with ether compounds not dropping. (Twitter)


  • Mayhem ends tomorrow, 5th February. (Twitter)
  • Being able to see all possible perks on the Avalanche in Collections was through a bug. But, the team is aware of a desire to see more information, like available or even possible perk rolls for weapons and armor. (Forums)


Have any of you seen this thread yet? There is couple things that I can clarify.

  1. I am not a gear artist I am a combatant/boss artist who some times work on player gear.
  2. All my renders are done in Keyshot of the high poly Zbrush model.
  3. In my renders I take and use creative freedom so they will not always match in game assets.
  4. My renders as for colors do not represent what the model looks like in game and often have had Photoshop work done on the final image.
  5. All in game shaders are checked on all three classes to make sure they look appropriate before they are considered final.
  6. All gear that is created is worked on at the same time the rest of the content is. IE gear is finished when the studio finish that dlc not months before.
  7. Anything created for Destiny has to go through multiple individuals I.E player gear design has to go through the Art Director and Lead Character Artist.
  8. As a Senior Artist I don't have the authority to take and make massive decisions for the game until I get promoted to AD.
  9. We see your post on Reddit and other places just because we don't respond right away does not mean we are ignoring your feedback.
  10. We are constantly trying to evolve the look and feel of Destiny. This means you will see a wide variety of gear and styles throughout Destiny 2. (Twitter)

I don't mind reading this stuff. I would prefer individuals to ask questions directly instead of creating big Reddit threads and I feel like it would be more effective as well. (Twitter)

There is alot of people at the studio that read Reddit and should be aware of most things that come up. (Twitter)

For example the Scourge of the Past raid gear was being worked on up to 2 weeks before the Black Armory came out. When we figure out a theme for a dlc we start work on everything for that dlc and work up till launch. (Twitter)

Q. Is there a lot of work that goes into translating your high poly work into the in-game models? Is that something that can be done more directly, or is that another job entirely to just use your work as concept art and straight-up recreate it from scratch in-engine?

There is a decent amount of work that takes place. You create the high poly based on concept art. You take and create a low poly, unwrap it, bake the high poly to the low poly. You take and texture the low poly and put it in game and you create the shaders for it. (Twitter)

Q. I actually have a question that was bugging me for a long time. How come some shaders work as they should on weapons, sparrows and ships but once applied to armor its like they completely break?

Weapons and ship shaders are different from armor shaders. Two different teams as well. Some times the character team creates their shader and the hard surface team creates their shader and once in a while one team will change the shader they created without telling the other team. (Twitter)

Q. From your perspective, what has shifted in terms of art direction from D1 to D2, what were the artists trying to achieve?

Different art directors. We have different people depending on the expansion or dlc as the art director for that content. This means there are multiple styles being created because of the different ways the art directors decide things. (Twitter)

Q. I think there’s an assumption from ppl that anything in d1 is easily put into d2, is this true? Do you have to start from scratch or is it easy to port over?

No, everything from D1 would have to be run through the whole process again. The engine has been updated to be PBR so all gear and assets have to be run through a whole new texturing process. (Twitter)

Q. Is there some things easier to port in? We definitely see familiar D1 assets here and there from armor to environment. Does it just take too long to import many old assets at once or are these similar things just made from scratch again?

Yeah a older asset might take 2 weeks to update for D2 and a new asset might take 3-4 weeks to do so we try to evaluate and figure out what the fans would like more a new asset they have never seen or 1-2 old asset because you can't do both. (Twitter)

Q. Doesn’t D1 and D2 run on the same engine, tiger, Blam, or whatever you want to call it. Isn’t it as simple as importing assets since it’s the same engine? Or has it been vastly retooled and upgraded from D1?

Yeah it's the tiger engine that Bungie created but we are constantly improving the engine and adjust things to fit our workflow better. You can import old assets but half the textures/shaders won't work correctly and would need to be updated. (Twitter)

Ah, is that because metals and texture shaders have been updated for D2? Physical based rendering, since I notice metals look more realistic in D2.

Correct. (Twitter)

Q. Is the process of creating armour / weapons / etc for ingame use any different than Destiny 1? If so, why the change?

Yeah, it's a lot different from D1 because we switched the engine over to be physically based rendering and so the process had to change to match the new system. In some ways it's way faster than D1 in other ways it's slower. (Twitter)

Q. What's the deal with some items using the shader channels weirdly? (Ex: using an accent colour across 90% of the item, parts just not shading at all)

That's art directions decision. They see a concept and some times they want to match that concept 1 for 1 and that often means areas that do not accept shaders and or colors that never change. (Twitter)

Q. Is there any particular reason shader thumbnails aren't consistent? Like the top quadrant of one shader and the left of another will affect the same areas of an object.

Several things happen to have the icon and shader not line up. First thing is the shader is created and then the icon is created. What could happen is everything is complete but last minute the shader has to change to fit art direction and UI doesn't have time to update the icon. (Twitter)

Q. Cant a Hunter get some symmetry?

We tried to give hunters symmetry but wanted them to feel different from both Warlocks and Titans because both are symmetrical that's why we went asymmetrical with them instead. Oath keepers are symmetrical and a couple other items. (Twitter)

Q. I wonder what happened to Ornaments in general, I miss my glowy stuff from D1 (Age of Triumph) and I‘d love to see new approaches to that style in D2!

We are constantly evaluating that type of stuff and try to bring things like that back when appropriate. (Twitter)

Q- Ornaments in D1 were an amazing feature, Trails gear and raid gear, we have an ornament system in D2 but not as “flashy” is this due to the change in the engine and is it more difficult now to achieve those levels? Think only Leviathan prestige gear are as close

We are trying to improve things like that with every release. (Twitter)

Q. Are the ornaments with 3d shapes like the crota ornament set or vog set harder to do in d2?

They are hard to do in general because of the texture size and poly count we get for bonds is relatively low compared to the rest of the Warlock. (Twitter)

Q. Can you tell us if we'll ever see gear like the raid sets we at the end of D1? With more fantasy elements, lights effects and stuff. They looked insanely good!

I can't say for certain but I can say it would be awesome and Bungie is constantly trying to improve raid gear. (Twitter) I am sure in the future you will get the type of gear your[SIC] looking for. (Twitter)

Q. That Io armor is honestly one of my favorites too and though your renders look better than the in-game model, I think it looks good in the game too.

The renders are of a 40 million poly model compared to a 25,000 poly model. That is why they look more detailed I also have unlimited texture res on my Keyshot renders vs in game screenshots. Some day games will have quality like offline renders. (Twitter)

Q. One of my fave pieces was Age of Triumph VoG armor for Hunter, that changed my character's leg to a Vex. Is there interest intra Bungie for transformative armor of that kind ?

Not sure but I can personally say that would be awesome. I can honestly say armor like the dreaming city armor that transforms into taken armor is pretty dope and would love to see more of that. (Twitter)

Q. Why was enemy variation reduced going into d2? I assume Technical limitations with updated textures? Having different enemy sub factions really fleshed out the game world a lot more.

No if anything we added more units to each racr[SIC] as for factions we removed them because most people never noticed the different factions in D1 and wanted to spend that time elsewhere. All Fallen have united under the House of Dusk banner in D2. (Twitter)

Q. Why does warlock armor look the same? Why don't we have strike specific armor like in D1?

That's an Art Direction call. (Twitter)

Q. How does working on combatants and boss team work- do you get a specific request from another team to design a certain boss, or do just get vague parameters and decide yourself?

The team I work with is about 10 people and our job is to collaborate with different teams and to produce the raid bosses, strike bosses ect that you see in game. (Twitter)

Q. Was there a determined art direction decision to make the classes even more like the medieval archetypes they take inspiration from? (Warlocks trading trenchcoats for robes like mages, Titans forgoing sleek armor for big plates and helmets with slits, etc)

The start of D2 there was a art direction call to push the different classes in their own unique direction that's why we have certain things like Titans with monster size shoulder pads ect. (Twitter)

Q. Is there a technical limitation holding back transmog and character recustomization? Some of the Levi gear is gorgeous.

There is engineering time for things like that and their time is shared between a lot of different teams. (Twitter)

Q. For me bungie feels so unagile compared to companies which make games like Fortnite. Do you feel that way too? And if so what do you think is the Reason for that?

I do not feel that way working at Bungie. Bungie is the only studio I know of that could design a raid in 3-4 months with 2 bosses in it. If you look at the dev time of say GOW it took them 2 years to design 1 boss and we do it consistently in a couple months. We are very agile. (Twitter)