• Will let the team know that players would like some rocket launchers with 2 rockets in the magazine (Reddit)
  • On "self replenishing blockers" in Gambit:

You can't have more than four blockers at once. When the other team already has four blockers and more get sent, the new ones are queued instead. When a blocker is killed, the next queued blocker is spawned. That's what happened here. (Reddit)

  • They agree that Fast Fill Gambit triumph is too difficult. They are changing it in the next update. (Reddit)
  • They issue bans for solicitation. (Reddit)
    • They are currently working on some better tools to prevent spam/solicitation posts from happening in the Find Fireteam feature on the Companion app. They are also adding a report function. (Reddit) 2
  • Will let the team know that Double/Triple infamy is something players want to see before the end of the season. (Reddit)
  • They know that cross-save is a highly requested feature, but they don't have anything to announce. (Reddit)
  • Cozmo has shared the community's feedback to the team on wanting easier access to picking up bounties. The two main suggestions he's seen from the community are suggestion of having them accessible from the director or having them able to be picked up in the Companion App using the API. (Forums)
    • On grabbing bounties from the app:

There's a few challenges - both technical and design challenges - that could impede/prevent us from doing it. But we've been thinking similarly, and will be continuing to discuss it! (Reddit)

  • They are always striving to improve Crucible spawns to avoid spawn killing. (Forums)
  • On balancing PVP and PVE separately:

We do make changes that only affect PVE in certain cases. When we changed Telesto in the last patch we increased it's PVE damage by 30% to compensate. We don't want weapons and abilities to feel drastically different when you go from activity to activity. That said, I will pass along your feedback. Let me know any specifics to how you would like to see things further separated. (Forums)


  • The team is aware of the community desire for Luxurious Toast emote to loop. It's a bit more intensive for this specific emote, compared to the Knife Flip. (Forums)
  • Balance changes for One Eyed Mask are projected for early March. (Reddit)
  • On name shaming on forums:

Currently, we follow this policy in an effort to protect against false claims against innocent users. As some have pointed out in this thread, it would be incredibly easy to post a thread without proper evidence, leading to harassment.

With that said, we do currently have a few options for you:
1. Report the player in-game
2. If the player is potentially cheating, we have a report form on where you can provide appropriate information
3. We are currently looking to improve the Find Fireteam feature here on, with report tools and better moderation

I'll speak with the teams here to see what other options could be on the table for the future, or at the very least pass along feedback that there is a desire for ways to report players in PvE activities. Specifically, reporting those who remove players from fireteams at the end of matches, or other negative experiences. (Forums)