• Will let the team know that there is feedback around making Competitive not allow players to drop from a rank once they achieve it. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to be able to see boss damage numbers in raid after the encounter has been passed along. (Reddit)
  • The team is working on moving the deadline for the pins that are heavily based on RNG. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to make enhanced armor perks available on every weapon has been passed along. (Forums)
  • The "skill matching factor" in comp is your Glory points. (Twitter)
  • Feedback to bring back Combined Arms has been passed along. (Forums)
  • And SBMM is still off in QP:

This has always been a largely debated issue within the community. In the past, this entire board has been filled with "REMOVE SBMM" posts. There was a bug in the past that caused matchmaking in Quickplay to stop matching teams by players skill ratings. We received a lot of feedback to not change the experience. Thought we did fix the MM bug, we removed skill matching in Quickplay. It is still enabled in Competitive. (Forums)


  • Team is currently planning an Infamy boost before the end of the season. They'll let you know. (Reddit)
  • On the post edit regarding bonus Valor all week:

When the event was postponed, we had to also reschedule the Valor bonus. We had a miscommunication internally, which led to blog copy which was wrong.

No ill will, at all. Apologies for the miscommunication on the article, which I updated [some days ago] to represent the actual plans. (Reddit)

  • On feedback collecting:

A lack of reply does not mean the post is ignored.

We are actively collecting all feedback regarding trials, and the other points in this post.

Thank you to everyone taking the time to lend constructive feedback, and general thoughts. Keep it coming. Cozmo and I will make sure your voices are heard. (Reddit)

Over the last year, we've been adding more developer commentary to our communications. Whether it be in TWABS, patch notes, ViDocs, or DevInsights. We've also been hosting Community Summits, where we invite various members from the community (Forum posters, streamers, youtubers, etc) who represent larger groups of players. On top of that, we do host playtests at bungie with various players invited to lend their feedback.

I don't know if there ever could be a two-way conversation with the community, as it would be a single person speaking to a sea of community members from various backgrounds.

In any case, we're always looking to improve. (Reddit)

  • On Invader spawns:

Speaking with the team, Invader spawns are a point of feedback that will be addressed in Season of the Drifter. They've been working on revamping the spawn point selection system to help prevent instant death when entering the opposing teams area.

We'll have more information for you soon regarding various QOL changes. Stay tuned! (Reddit)

  • Feedback about the Luna meta has been passed along. (Forums)


  • Robbie Stevens talks about their competition philosophy here.