• Will continue to let the team know that people would like to see more activities like Shattered Throne in the future. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to make blues auto dismantle has been sent to the team. (Reddit)
  • Crimson Days feedback thread can be found here.
    • Will let the team know that Crimson Days packages didn't feel rewarding enough compared to The Dawning. (Reddit)
    • Will make a note of the suggestion on incorporating more activities rewarding hearts. (Reddit)
  • On power mattering in PVE and making it so that if players are 50 levels above content they deal a decent amount of damage and take less damage than players do now

For most every PVE activity this is the way things work unless its normalized like Gambit where everyone is brought to the same level as enemies to level the playing field a bit. You cap out at 50 levels above and below enemies. So you will do more damage and take less damage from a level 600 enemy at 650 then when you were at 600. And as others have pointed out, enemies who are more than 50 above you will be immune. (Forums)

  • They have made the communities feedback heard by the dev team on things like Enhancement cores, Trials, RNG in Titles and everything in between. As soon as they have more information to share they will do so. (Forums)


  • Hunters will be able to look at their whole cloak when inspecting a cloak Soon(tm). (Reddit)
  • The Breakneck quest will continue to be available next season and you should not lose any progress. (Forums)
  • The team is currently looking at Baryon Boughs, and ways potential ways for Guardians to exchange them. This doesn't necessarily mean Spider will have a use for them, but they'll let you know when more info is available. (Forums)
  • The team is currently aware of the feedback regarding triumph seals being blocked by RNG, and looking at the Dreaming City, Last Wish, and Wayfarer seal objectives. (Forums)