• Request to bring back Arc Staff "spinning helicopter" combo from the beta has been forwarded to the team. (Reddit)
  • Info on season 6 Pinnacle Weapons next week. (Reddit)
    • Also to brink back Blink for Hunters. (Reddit)
  • They will have some info next week on how you can power up quickly to jump right into the new Annual Pass content. (Reddit)
  • They have let the team know the feedback around Nova Warp. They don't have any updates on that subclass currently, but will let you know when they have new information. (Reddit)
  • Taken Goblins can only shield other taken enemies, so Invaders won't get shields. (Reddit)
  • The shotgun change is a PVE change where they also had the opportunity to adjust PvP at the same time, so they did. The goal was to create more diversity of viable shotguns for PVE rather than have full auto shotguns seem like a must pick. (Reddit)
  • Team is aware that Gambit Sudden death will affect some Triumphs and working on some changes for later in the season. (Triumphs such as Taken Whisper, The Runner, and HVT related ones). (Reddit)
  • [Cozmo] needs to confirm with the team, but he believes making it so that Vengeance will no longer trigger for players with Super was not so much the marking but more to prevent Titans for consistently refreshing health and overshield during their super. (Twitter)
  • On concerns that Goblins will break things in Gambit: Goblins can no longer shield each other forever and you can jump in and break it up quickly. They (developers, not the Goblins) are going to keep an eye on it. (Twitter)
    • More by Dylan:

Goblins can absolutely shield each other. In playtests, this has happened, but not as frequently as D2 launch due to change in an earlier hotfix. We have not encountered any instances of infinite shielding, so players will be able to eliminate these enemies after a short time if the issue occurs.

We'll be monitoring when these changes are live to see how prevalent this issue can be. In the mean time, be wary. Defeat those goblins the moment they spawn in. (Reddit)

  • Raid keys will still drop powerful items but you can only hold 5 so make sure you don’t have more than that when the season ends. (Twitter)
  • Season 6 starts 5th of March. (Twitter) Glory ranks also reset then. (Twitter)

DMG Zero Four.

  • On shotgun changes:

Think of it this way:

"We're buffing shotguns by increasing their ROF, but keeping them in check within the crucible be decreasing their base damage slightly.

Additionally, PvE will receive damage buffs across multiple archetypes so more shotguns can compete for your playtime, as opposed to only using IKELOS." (Reddit)

  • Next week they'll have more to show for Season of the Drifter. (Twitter)
  • Next week they'll have a few more patch note previews as well (Twitter)
  • RNG Triumph seals will not be addressed in Update 2.2.0, but the team is currently looking at them (Twitter)


  • All Power ammo is removed at the beginning of every Gambit round, this has been true since Forsaken launch. Sudden death will put both teams on an equal playing field, there will be more details about this in the patch notes for Season of the Drifter. (Twitter)