• Broadsword quest won't reset. If you are on the step that requires a certain Glory rank, your rank will reset on March 5 however. (Twitter)
    • The only pinnacle quests that could "lose progress" deal with Competitive Crucible (Luna/NF). There are steps that require a certain Glory rank to be achieved. If you do not hit that glory rank before the end of the season, you'll have to get back up there. (DMG, Twitter)
  • New Season of the Drifter ViDoc landing this Thursday. (Twitter)
  • They are always working to add more accessibility option into the game. He will pass along the feedback on changing reticle size and color to the team. (Forums)


  • Feedback about making Crucible super icons to differentiate subclasses of same element (For example, Blade Barrage and Golden Gun have the same icon) has been passed along. Should be on a backlog - no timeframe for if or when a change could be made, but the desire for icons to differentiate between supers is known. (Reddit)
  • Patch notes will be published in full on Tuesday (3/5) alongside the release of Season of the Drifter. (Twitter)
  • Stay tuned for info about pinnacle weapons. (Twitter)
  • More issues fixed on the 5th:
    • Fixed issue where Le Monarque would sometimes not apply poison long distances (Twitter)
    • Fixed issue where the Dragonfly Spec was not triggering under certain latency conditions (Twitter)
      • More info about that here.
    • Fixed issue where some perks (ex: Surrounded) didn't proc on Stryker's Surehand when fully masterworked (Twitter)
    • Fixed an issue where transferring items using the Destiny app would consistently re-trigger Triumph notifications. (Twitter)
      • It applies to anything that uses the Bungie API to move items. (Reddit)
    • Fixed the Black Armory box quest bug where you can only pick it up on one character. (Twitter)
    • Smashed Guitars. (Twitter)
      • Networking and error codes can be some of the hardest issues to address. It’s absolutely a bummer that flawless runs were impacted, and the team kicked some ass to track down the issues. (Twitter)