• Power Surge Bounties is a good mix of activities. You will get rewards for 2 slots per bounty. (Reddit)
    • Power surge bounties are only available to Annual Pass. Requires character to be level 50. (DMG, Twitter)
  • Armors will glow outside of Gambit. (Reddit)
  • Role perks are tied to the gear. Think of it like set bonuses. (Twitter)
  • Full calendar can be found here.
  • Xur's Bounties are now Invitations of The Nine. (Twitter) and you'll be able to pick them up from Xur. (Twitter)
  • You will earn weapons from Reckoning, and the armor will still be useful in all activities even without the additional Gambit Prime perks. Gambit will still be there with its current rewards and updated with QOL fixes we talked about in the last TWAB. (Forums)


  • Reckoning will have matchmaking for all three tiers. (Twitter)
  • They've been collecting feedback about Mercury. (Forums)


  • "Joker's Wild" was a concept that drove development. "Season of the Drifter" is the experience that results from that effort. Code-names often shape our inspirations before our Narrative team can apply their brand of magic. (Twitter)


Q. Is it [Gambit Prime role] you actively pick when the match starts, or is it based on whatever armor you are wearing?

Your Armor. You chase the sets and then put them on like you would any other. (Twitter) We’ll talk specifics over the next few days...and of course, all will be revealed in game next week. (Twitter)