• You get to choose which Reckoning armor you pursue. 1 character will be able to collect all 4 armor sets, you can switch it up. (Reddit) The Gambit Prime role perks are only available in Gambit Prime, but the armor will still glow in other combat activities. (Reddit)
    • It's similar to Leviathan armor mods, ie only active in Gambit Prime. (Reddit)
  • Reckoning is matchmade. (Reddit)
  • 21% Delirium perk will work with ammo transfer effects such as Lunafaction Boots and Rally Barricade.The reloads from Marksman Dodge and The Dragon's Shadow will reset the effect as they are considered true reloads. (Reddit)
  • You don't have to complete the stuff for Black Armory to access Joker's Wild. (Reddit)
  • Power increase on the 5th. (Reddit)
  • Breakneck will not progress by completing Reckoning, but Gambit Prime matches will count. (Twitter)
  • The Stranger (on the presskit) was a typo. Fixed to say "The Danger" now. (Twitter)
  • Gambit Prime is permanent starting on the 5th. (Twitter)

Bread Man 04.

  • They have a fix coming Tuesday to address the issue where challenges would sometimes double up. (which meant there could be a day in the week with no daily to complete). (Reddit)
  • Xur will be updated to offer Forsaken Exotics in the update next week. (Reddit)
    • Fated Engrams WILL NOT offer Forsaken Exotics. This will be looked at for a future update. (Reddit)
    • Additionally, Xur is still the snake-faced bastard you remember from Destiny 1. He'll still have a rotation of items from various releases, meaning he won't always sell a Forsaken exotic. (Reddit)
    • The team is also looking at the perks that can roll on armor pieces, to make his weekly stock a bit more exciting. (Reddit)
    • Feedback to have Xur's fated Engrams roll armor pieces when your collection is completed has been passed along. (Reddit)


  • Reckoning is a stand-alone activity. You’ll have to go through the loop once, (Prime then Reckoning) so Drifter can introduce how it all works. (Twitter)
  • They've implemented some of the most requested community feedback for Gambit into the release. (Twitter)