• Will continue to let the team know that people would like to see more activities like Shattered Throne in the future. (Reddit)
  • Feedback to make blues auto dismantle has been sent to the team. (Reddit)
  • Crimson Days feedback thread can be found here.
    • Will let the team know that Crimson Days packages didn't feel rewarding enough compared to The Dawning. (Reddit)
    • Will make a note of the suggestion on incorporating more activities rewarding hearts. (Reddit)
  • On power mattering in PVE and making it so that if players are 50 levels above content they deal a decent amount of damage and take less damage than players do now

For most every PVE activity this is the way things work unless its normalized like Gambit where everyone is brought to the same level as enemies to level the playing field a bit. You cap out at 50 levels above and below enemies. So you will do more damage and take less damage from a level 600 enemy at 650 then when you were at 600. And as others have pointed out, enemies who are more than 50 above you will be immune. (Forums)

  • They have made the communities feedback heard by the dev team on things like Enhancement cores, Trials, RNG in Titles and everything in between. As soon as they have more information to share they will do so. (Forums)
  • Request to bring back Arc Staff "spinning helicopter" combo from the beta has been forwarded to the team. (Reddit)
  • Info on season 6 Pinnacle Weapons next week. (Reddit)
    • Also to brink back Blink for Hunters. (Reddit)
  • They will have some info next week on how you can power up quickly to jump right into the new Annual Pass content. (Reddit)
  • They have let the team know the feedback around Nova Warp. They don't have any updates on that subclass currently, but will let you know when they have new information. (Reddit)
  • Taken Goblins can only shield other taken enemies, so Invaders won't get shields. (Reddit)
  • The shotgun change is a PVE change where they also had the opportunity to adjust PvP at the same time, so they did. The goal was to create more diversity of viable shotguns for PVE rather than have full auto shotguns seem like a must pick. (Reddit)
  • Team is aware that Gambit Sudden death will affect some Triumphs and working on some changes for later in the season. (Triumphs such as Taken Whisper, The Runner, and HVT related ones). (Reddit)
  • [Cozmo] needs to confirm with the team, but he believes making it so that Vengeance will no longer trigger for players with Super was not so much the marking but more to prevent Titans for consistently refreshing health and overshield during their super. (Twitter)
  • On concerns that Goblins will break things in Gambit: Goblins can no longer shield each other forever and you can jump in and break it up quickly. They (developers, not the Goblins) are going to keep an eye on it. (Twitter)
    • More by Dylan:
  • Goblins can absolutely shield each other. In playtests, this has happened, but not as frequently as D2 launch due to change in an earlier hotfix. We have not encountered any instances of infinite shielding, so players will be able to eliminate these enemies after a short time if the issue occurs.

    We'll be monitoring when these changes are live to see how prevalent this issue can be. In the mean time, be wary. Defeat those goblins the moment they spawn in. (Reddit)

  • Raid keys will still drop powerful items but you can only hold 5 so make sure you don’t have more than that when the season ends. (Twitter)
  • Season 6 starts 5th of March. (Twitter) Glory ranks also reset then. (Twitter)
  • Broadsword quest won't reset. If you are on the step that requires a certain Glory rank, your rank will reset on March 5 however. (Twitter)
    • The only pinnacle quests that could "lose progress" deal with Competitive Crucible (Luna/NF). There are steps that require a certain Glory rank to be achieved. If you do not hit that glory rank before the end of the season, you'll have to get back up there. (DMG, Twitter)
  • New Season of the Drifter ViDoc landing this Thursday. (Twitter)
  • They are always working to add more accessibility option into the game. He will pass along the feedback on changing reticle size and color to the team. (Forums)
  • Feedback about making Crucible super icons to differentiate subclasses of same element (For example, Blade Barrage and Golden Gun have the same icon) has been passed along. Should be on a backlog - no timeframe for if or when a change could be made, but the desire for icons to differentiate between supers is known. (Reddit)
  • Patch notes will be published in full on Tuesday (3/5) alongside the release of Season of the Drifter. (Twitter)
  • Stay tuned for info about pinnacle weapons. (Twitter)
  • More issues fixed on the 5th:
    • Fixed issue where Le Monarque would sometimes not apply poison long distances (Twitter)
    • Fixed issue where the Dragonfly Spec was not triggering under certain latency conditions (Twitter)
      • More info about that here.
    • Fixed issue where some perks (ex: Surrounded) didn't proc on Stryker's Surehand when fully masterworked (Twitter)
    • Fixed an issue where transferring items using the Destiny app would consistently re-trigger Triumph notifications. (Twitter)
      • It applies to anything that uses the Bungie API to move items. (Reddit)
    • Fixed the Black Armory box quest bug where you can only pick it up on one character. (Twitter)
    • Smashed Guitars. (Twitter)
      • Networking and error codes can be some of the hardest issues to address. It’s absolutely a bummer that flawless runs were impacted, and the team kicked some ass to track down the issues. (Twitter)
  • Power Surge Bounties is a good mix of activities. You will get rewards for 2 slots per bounty. (Reddit)
    • Power surge bounties are only available to Annual Pass. Requires character to be level 50. (DMG, Twitter)
  • Armors will glow outside of Gambit. (Reddit)
  • Role perks are tied to the gear. Think of it like set bonuses. (Twitter)
  • Full calendar can be found here.
  • Xur's Bounties are now Invitations of The Nine. (Twitter) and you'll be able to pick them up from Xur. (Twitter)
  • You will earn weapons from Reckoning, and the armor will still be useful in all activities even without the additional Gambit Prime perks. Gambit will still be there with its current rewards and updated with QOL fixes we talked about in the last TWAB. (Forums)
  • You get to choose which Reckoning armor you pursue. 1 character will be able to collect all 4 armor sets, you can switch it up. (Reddit) The Gambit Prime role perks are only available in Gambit Prime, but the armor will still glow in other combat activities. (Reddit)
    • It's similar to Leviathan armor mods, ie only active in Gambit Prime. (Reddit)
  • Reckoning is matchmade. (Reddit)
  • 21% Delirium perk will work with ammo transfer effects such as Lunafaction Boots and Rally Barricade.The reloads from Marksman Dodge and The Dragon's Shadow will reset the effect as they are considered true reloads. (Reddit)
  • You don't have to complete the stuff for Black Armory to access Joker's Wild. (Reddit)
  • Power increase on the 5th. (Reddit)
  • Breakneck will not progress by completing Reckoning, but Gambit Prime matches will count. (Twitter)
  • The Stranger (on the presskit) was a typo. Fixed to say "The Danger" now. (Twitter)
  • Gambit Prime is permanent starting on the 5th. (Twitter)


  • Hunters will be able to look at their whole cloak when inspecting a cloak Soon(tm). (Reddit)
  • The Breakneck quest will continue to be available next season and you should not lose any progress. (Forums)
  • The team is currently looking at Baryon Boughs, and ways potential ways for Guardians to exchange them. This doesn't necessarily mean Spider will have a use for them, but they'll let you know when more info is available. (Forums)
  • The team is currently aware of the feedback regarding triumph seals being blocked by RNG, and looking at the Dreaming City, Last Wish, and Wayfarer seal objectives. (Forums)
  • On shotgun changes:
  • Think of it this way:

    "We're buffing shotguns by increasing their ROF, but keeping them in check within the crucible be decreasing their base damage slightly.

    Additionally, PvE will receive damage buffs across multiple archetypes so more shotguns can compete for your playtime, as opposed to only using IKELOS." (Reddit)

  • Next week they'll have more to show for Season of the Drifter. (Twitter)
  • Next week they'll have a few more patch note previews as well (Twitter)
  • RNG Triumph seals will not be addressed in Update 2.2.0, but the team is currently looking at them (Twitter)
  • Reckoning will have matchmaking for all three tiers. (Twitter)
  • They've been collecting feedback about Mercury. (Forums)
  • They have a fix coming Tuesday to address the issue where challenges would sometimes double up. (which meant there could be a day in the week with no daily to complete). (Reddit)
  • Xur will be updated to offer Forsaken Exotics in the update next week. (Reddit)
    • Fated Engrams WILL NOT offer Forsaken Exotics. This will be looked at for a future update. (Reddit)
    • Additionally, Xur is still the snake-faced bastard you remember from Destiny 1. He'll still have a rotation of items from various releases, meaning he won't always sell a Forsaken exotic. (Reddit)
    • The team is also looking at the perks that can roll on armor pieces, to make his weekly stock a bit more exciting. (Reddit)
    • Feedback to have Xur's fated Engrams roll armor pieces when your collection is completed has been passed along. (Reddit)


  • All Power ammo is removed at the beginning of every Gambit round, this has been true since Forsaken launch. Sudden death will put both teams on an equal playing field, there will be more details about this in the patch notes for Season of the Drifter. (Twitter)


  • "Joker's Wild" was a concept that drove development. "Season of the Drifter" is the experience that results from that effort. Code-names often shape our inspirations before our Narrative team can apply their brand of magic. (Twitter)


Q. Is it [Gambit Prime role] you actively pick when the match starts, or is it based on whatever armor you are wearing?

Your Armor. You chase the sets and then put them on like you would any other. (Twitter) We’ll talk specifics over the next few days...and of course, all will be revealed in game next week. (Twitter)

  • Reckoning is a stand-alone activity. You’ll have to go through the loop once, (Prime then Reckoning) so Drifter can introduce how it all works. (Twitter)
  • They've implemented some of the most requested community feedback for Gambit into the release. (Twitter)