• Only requirement for the new bounties is that the character has to be level 50. (Twitter)


  • A few notes for what you will see on 3/5 when Update 2.2.0 is released (Reddit):
    • Bright Engrams will continue to be granted on each rank up after you reach max level, granting free Eververse items as you play Destiny 2
    • The well-rested buff will continue to be applied each weekly reset, granting expedited XP gains towards the first three Bright Engrams of each week, per character
    • Undesired items will continue to dismantle into Bright Dust, which can be used in the Bright Dust storefront to purchase other cosmetic items found within Bright Engrams.
    • The Bright Dust storefront will continue to rotate weekly
    • Bright Dust Bounties will continue to be available to complete
    • Bright Engrams will continue to be offered for Silver, if you wish to purchase them
    • Direct purchase bundles are an optional avenue for cosmetic items that you may purchase for Silver, if desired
  • Will file a QOL bug to see if how dismantling Masterwork cores can be changed (so you dismantle one at a time instead all of them). Losing a full stack of Enhancement Cores due to a mistake is a terrible experience that we should try to prevent. No idea on ETA for a change, if one can be made. (Reddit)
    • In terms of shaders, dismantling them gives you a payout- legendary shards, bright dust, glimmer. If you dismantled a stack of 999, or if you and a few other people in the tower did at the same time, there would be potential for issues to arise. They can’t get into the specifics of how the system works, but that’s the gist of it. (Reddit)
  • They have a minor QOL fix for shader acquisition coming on Tuesday. acquiring shaders should be as fast as dismantling them. Right now, it takes 3 seconds to snag one shader from the collection. Tuesday, this will be changed to 1 second. (Reddit)
  • Shaxx not realizing that Crimson Days are over is a known issue and the team is working to get him to realize that. (Reddit)
  • DMG believes that the Vanguard weekly challenge will still require you to match subclasses, but feedback has been sent to the team on this. (Reddit)
  • The team is aware of matching solo into forges and end of match timers being a bit low. (Forums)
  • Will pass along feedback to see winstreaks when hovering over Crucible/Gambit. (Forums)
  • In the next few weeks, they're hoping to have a ride along featuring the Shattered Throne dungeon, going a bit more into detail on what it took to create the activity. That said, the team is aware of the desire for more content like this! (Forums)
  • They're actually updating Year 2 Armor in Update 2.2.0 to feature random rolls on the stat package. So, what was once locked to a Mobile stat package can now roll with a Heavy, Restorative or Mobile stat package. (Forums)
  • Feedback to make element of weapon random as well has been passed along. (Forums)
  • The team is looking at the perks that can roll on armor pieces, to make Xur's weekly stock a bit more exciting. (Forums)
  • At this point in time, DMG does not believe there are any plans to move Telesto and Sleeper catalysts from their respective activities. Will ask the team. (Forums)


  • You’ll be able to complete most* Gambit bounties, quests and triumphs in Prime. (Twitter)
    • *some Gambit pursuits will be difficult to complete in Prime as it is only one round.
  • Adjusting Protect The Runner is something they're working on, adjustments will come later in the season. (Twitter)
  • Meatball does not appear in Prime. Spawn rate is no longer tied to the curse cycle. Spawn rate has been significantly increased. These changes go live on March 5th when Season of the Drifter launches, the Meatball will be more elusive until then. (Twitter)
  • Gambit Prime counts as Gambit completions for all bounties, quests, etc. There are Prime specific bounties and bounties that ask you to do other activities like Strikes and Crucible. Prime is the show runner, but they wanted to make sure players had multiple avenues to loot. (Twitter) 2