Season of the Drifter Vital Information and Known Issues can be found here


  • Patch note left off: The "Fast Fill" Triumph time limit has been increased from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds. (Reddit)


  • A bug has been filed for Ada not selling machine gun frames and currently being evaluated. There are a few options that are on the table to address this, but they'll need to prioritize it against existing work, with the understanding that there may be things introduced to the game [today] that need to be worked on ASAP. (Reddit)
  • The team is well aware of the feedback about RNG in regards to titles, and will be putting more focus on deterministic ways to acquire seals in the future. In other words, less luck, more accomplishment. (Reddit)
  • On Invitations of The Nine bounties:

Wanted to clear up some confusion and misinformation: Invitations of the Nine will function differently than your weekly Queen ritual. These are character based, and not calendar gated. In other words, if you miss a week, you won’t miss any unique lore. At most, you’d pick up where you left off after the following reset, and could continue the 9 week cycle.

We won’t be diving too deeply into the mechanics on this. We’re excited to see your reactions as this unfolds. (Reddit)

  • Re Nightfall scoring: Score Multipliers are applied after you set a handicap of 100+ on your Five of Swords Challenge Card. (Twitter)