• They're looking into an issue were Gambit and Gambit Prime completions are not counting for progress towards several bounties. quests, etc. (Reddit)
  • Shaxx not being able to let go of love is being looked at. (Reddit)
  • Not counting Gambit wins for Business as Usual part of the Malfeasance quest is a known issue and it's being looked at. (Reddit)
    • Breakneck quest is also impacted by it. (Reddit)
  • They're looking into the issue with Oxygen SR3 quest where orbs generated by supers don't count properly. (Reddit)
  • They're working on a fix for the issue where One Thousand Voices buffs your Primary/Secondary weapons by 25%. (Reddit)
  • Just because [Cozmo] lets someone know their specific feedback is being passed along, doesn't mean that no one [at the studio] is aware of the general premise. (Reddit)
  • Will let the team know feedback regarding bringing making Y1 armors viable again and bringing back the ornaments system. (Reddit)
  • They are looking into the issues with the Nightfall modifier card. You need to move it to a 100 Power change and then it will start affecting the modifier. (Twitter)
  • Gambit Prime not progressing for Gambit bounties or Gambit pinnacle weapons is a known issue they're looking into. (Twitter) 2
  • Petra's Offering To The Oracle Bounty appearing as completed (when you haven't done it this week) is a known issue affecting weekly bounties, they are working on a fix. (Twitter)


From the Dev Team:

Hey Everyone, World Systems Team here to give you a quick update.

Today (3/5/19 - 2:15 PM Pacific), we've deployed a change to Destiny 2 that will re-tune the amount of Glory Rank points gained and lost in the competitive crucible playlist. Compared to previous seasons, Glory gains and losses have been effectively doubled. Our goal in this change is to make the ranked playlist more inviting to a larger amount of players. This means more access to pinnacle weapons, higher ranks, and more people to compete against at those higher ranks.

As always, we’ll be monitoring feedback over this change.

Thank you!